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Objective and impartial testing, reviews, and ratings lie at the heart of consumer choice — and at the heart of Consumer Reports. We want to reach a wide and diverse audience of consumers researching their purchases with our independent impartial information. To that end, we work with TV and online partners across the media, to be present for consumers as they make purchase decisions; these partnerships allow us to meet and guide consumers wherever they are.

Most important, we want consumers to enjoy the full context of our information and not hear about our ratings, reviews, and reports through the language of salesmanship.

The Consumer Reports No Commercial Use Policy establishes that published information from Consumer Reports may not be used by others in advertising or to promote a company's product or service. CR allows the purchase of reprints, e-prints, single copies of our publications, and bulk subscription sales of our products. We also allow the licensing of our content, including videos. Our policy requires that content be reproduced in its entirety with no changes, customizations, or alterations. Granting permission to license and distribute our content does not constitute an endorsement of any product or service. For more information—and for questions about noncommercial, academic, or educational uses of CR content—submit requests to

PARS International Corp. is the only authorized reprint, e-print, and content permissions agent for Consumer Reports. Read the Frequently Asked Questions of the PARS Managed Reprint Program for Consumer Reports.

To reach as wide an audience as possible, Consumer Reports makes its content available to communities, academics, and students through the work of EBSCO Information Services, a leading provider of research content, search technologies, and delivery platforms for public, academic, and school libraries. EBSCO provides access to for subscribing libraries and their patrons and subscription access to a digital edition of Consumer Reports magazine through its Flipster digital newsstand platform.

Through our distribution agent, Litton Entertainment, Consumer Reports produces broadcast news reports for 135 English-language television stations across the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. These reports are viewed by more than 90 million people.

In addition, Consumer Reports produces and distributes Spanish-language broadcast and digital content to 17 Telemundo television stations.