Ginger Cowles

Managing Editor
Expertise: Health, Home, Money, Tech & Privacy

Ginger Cowles is Managing Editor, New Audiences, for Consumer Reports. She leads a group who write trending news stories. She also oversees CR’s “Outside the Labs” reviews program.

Ginger previously worked at The Spruce, where she was a senior editor specializing in creating and editing content in the Home space. She has a long history in digital media, spending more than eight years working for Microsoft and MSN.com and later for Meredith, where she was senior digital editor with Family Circle. One of Ginger’s career highlights of 2021 was being outfit-twins with Tan France during a Zoom interview. Ginger does not think that makes her a fashionista, but dressing like one—at the same time for the same event—possibly puts her one step closer to it.

Ginger studied journalism at the University of Texas at Austin.