Ginny Fahs

Associate Director, Product R&D - Digital Lab
Expertise: Tech & Privacy

In her role as Associate Director of Product R&D for Consumer Reports’ Digital Lab, Ginny Fahs oversees a team working to build and launch innovative tools and services for digital consumer protection. Ginny leads CR’s efforts to pioneer new ways for consumers to take control of their data and digital lives. Her division drives innovation in consumer protection technology and brings new products and services to market.

Prior to joining Consumer Reports, Ginny was a software engineer at Uber and a Technology Policy Fellow at the Aspen Institute.  At Aspen, she focused on cybersecurity for the elderly and contributed research and design prototypes that are currently being adopted by U.S. government agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Federal Trade Commission, and Department of Homeland Security. She also co-founded #MovingForward, a nonprofit social enterprise that fights harassment and discrimination in startup investing. Ginny holds a Bachelor of Arts in History & Literature from Harvard University and a Master’s in Business Administration from INSEAD, a global business school with campuses in Europe and Asia.

“The digital world moves fast and consumers’ needs are ever-changing. We’re developing novel products and services at CR that give consumers more choice and control in an evolving marketplace.”