Jennifer Shecter

Senior Director, Content Impact and Outreach

Jen Shecter is a seasoned strategist and journalist with 20+ years experience communicating complex consumer issues. Currently, Jen is the Senior Director of Content Impact and Outreach at Consumer Reports. In her role, she oversees CR’s investigative journalism unit and helps lead outreach and communication with manufacturers, media partners, industry, and lawmakers in service of improving the marketplace.

Jen also co-leads CR’s broader safety strategy, which is focused on achieving strong standards in auto, food, and product safety, pushing companies to change their practices to better protect consumers, and guiding consumers to safer options.

Prior to joining CR, Jen served as a researcher at the Center for Responsive Politics where she researched the relationship between campaign contributions and federal legislation.

Jen holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology from Vassar College.

“Consumers assume that if they see a product available for sale that it has been tested to make sure that it is safe. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. At Consumer Reports, we have the distinct ability to identify hazardous products–through our labs, our in-depth analysis of data, and our knowledge–and prompt their improvement or their removal from the marketplace. It has been a privilege to work here for more than twenty years and be a part of a miraculous team of safety experts who change minds, lives, and policies everyday.”