picture of Jonathan Schwantes

Jonathan Schwantes

Senior Policy Counsel
Expertise: Tech & Privacy

Jonathan Schwantes is a senior policy counsel in Consumers Reports’ Washington, D.C., office, where he focuses on telecommunications and competition issues affecting consumers in the broadband, television, media, and wireless markets. He has two decades of experience working in politics and is a legislative process expert with a deep understanding of Capitol Hill. Jonathan served more than eight years in the U.S. Senate as a general counsel on the Judiciary Committee, specifically the Antitrust Subcommittee, for Sen. Herb Kohl. In the private sector, he advocated on behalf of numerous Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and nonprofit organizations. Jonathan completed his undergraduate work at the University of Minnesota and earned his law degree from the University of Wisconsin.

"If you’re paying too much for cable and internet service, and want to avoid paying close to $40 a month in hidden fees added by the cable company, consider cutting the cord. You’ll avoid those fees, and there are many services to choose from that offer live television—just like cable."

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