Kaveh Waddell

Deputy Content Editor, Digital Lab
Expertise: Tech & Privacy

Kaveh Waddell is an investigative journalist at Consumer Reports, where he covers algorithmic bias, misinformation, and technology-enabled abuses of power. Previously, Kaveh reported on AI, robotics, and other emerging technologies at Axios, and covered surveillance, privacy and technology policy at The Atlantic and National Journal.

He has also been a foreign correspondent in Beirut, Lebanon, where he reported on the outsize political influence of a Facebook page that crowdsources vigilante justice, and a secret campaign to locate and preserve mass graves left over from Lebanon’s civil war before they are destroyed.

Prior to joining Consumer Reports, Kaveh served as Emerging Technologies Reporter at Axios and Staff Reporter with The Atlantic. Kaveh holds a Bachelor of Arts in International Politics and Economics from Middlebury College.

“I grew up putting together computers in the basement with my dad, and worked in tech support all through college. I love explaining complex technology in a way that feels relevant, not wonky, and telling technology stories that are about people and how their lives are affected by a networked, data-hungry world.”