Mary Beth Quirk

Shopping Editor
Expertise: Money

Mary Beth Quirk is CR’s Shopping editor, as well as a native Wisconsinite and avid pizza enthusiast. Mary Beth has been with CR for the past decade, reporting on and writing extensively about consumer issues. Her tenure included a lengthy stint with Consumerist, a former Consumer Reports property. She loves nothing more than uncovering great tips on anything from how to shop for the holidays to juicy deals on CR-recommended products. Prior to joining CR, Mary Beth held a number of positions including Online Editor at OK! Magazine.

Mary Beth holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism from the University of Dayton and a Master’s in Magazine Journalism from New York University. She is based in Brooklyn.

“As the daughter of devoted CR readers, I’ve been relying on CR my whole life when it comes to shopping for almost anything. Saving money while having safe, quality items in your home are values my parents also passed on to me, which makes it even more rewarding when I can help our members score a sweet discount on a great product, or avoid buying a lemon.”