Penny Wang

Deputy, Special Projects, Money
Expertise: Money

Penelope Wang is a deputy editor with Consumer Reports, covering consumer protection and personal finance topics, including retirement planning, managing credit, and college saving.

With more than two decades of experience reporting on money issues, Penelope has a deep understanding of the financial challenges facing American families. Her goal is to help consumers improve their finances, so they have less stress and more freedom.

Prior to joining Consumer Reports, Penny wrote and edited at Money magazine, where she won a Loeb award for her coverage of end-of-life care and was named a Loeb finalist for her story on helping parents manage their finances. She also contributed to stories that were nominated for National Magazine Awards. Previously she worked at Forbes and the original Newsweek.

Penny is a graduate of Swarthmore College and received a master’s degree from Columbia University School of International and Public Affairs.

“So much of the personal financial advice that dominates the media is conflicted or designed to steer people to advertisers. That’s why I’m so grateful to work at CR, where we provide honest, unbiased advice and information that puts consumers first.”