Steven Elek

Program Leader, Auto Data Analytics
Expertise: Cars

In his role as Senior Automotive Data Analyst, Steven Elek analyzes and interprets reliability and owner satisfaction data on hundreds of different makes and models of cars. The data is collected in a series of annual member surveys and is regularly updated to provide some of the most accurate–and detailed–reliability and owner satisfaction findings that are available. The survey team’s work helps inform CR’s automotive “Top Picks” and “Most Reliable Car Brands.”

Prior to joining Consumer Reports, Steven served as a Senior Data Analyst at LIMRA, a global financial research and consulting firm, where he aggregated life insurance data. Steven holds a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the University of Connecticut, School of Business.

“Data is everywhere around us, just waiting to be captured and tell us a story. I find it fascinating doing deep dives in CR’s data and identifying issues that impact the cars, trucks and SUVs that many of us drive. I’ve loved everything about cars from a young age. Today, I’m lucky enough to mesh my auto knowledge with data programming skills to help consumers find the vehicle that works the best for them.”