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Frigidaire FRA085AT7 (Best Buy)
Approximate retail price:
We expect this model to perform similarly to the tested Frigidaire LRA087AT7 (Lowe's) although it may differ in price and features.
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Type: Midsized air conditioners
About - Frigidaire FRA085AT7 (Best Buy)

The Frigidaire FRA085AT7 (Best Buy) is an air conditioner available from Frigidaire. The FRA085AT7 (Best Buy) typically costs $230 .

Consumer Reports recommends that you match the features on a model to the needs you have. Here's our take on some of the specifications and features that are commonly available on air conditioner models like the FRA085AT7 (Best Buy).

The unit's cooling capacity, as supplied by the manufacturer (and as certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, AHAM, unless otherwise noted in the Recommendations & Notes). Capacities range from 5,000 British thermal units per hour (enough for a modest-sized bedroom) up to 12,500 Btu/hr. (adequate for a large, sun-drenched room or even two interconnected rooms).

The energy-efficiency rating, as supplied by the manufacturer (and as certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, AHAM, unless otherwise noted in the Recommendations & Notes). The higher a unit's EER, the lower its operating cost compared with other models of its size.

Min window width (in.):
The minimum and maximum window-widths into which the air conditioner will fit. If your window opening is narrower than the minimum width, the air conditioner will not fit. If your window opening is wider than the maximum width, the side panels will not cover the entire opening.

Tested Model
The Ratings of Frigidaire LRA087AT7 (Lowe's) were applied to untested model Frigidaire FRA085AT7 (Best Buy), which in our judgment is enough alike in its performance, features, and specs that our test results apply to both.
Frigidaire LRA087AT7 (Lowe's)
Approximate retail price:
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About This Brand

Frigidaire air conditioners are available in independent and regional appliance retailers, as well as at Lowe's and Best Buy. Units range in price from $100 to $500, and in Btu from 5,000 to 25,000. Frigidaire makes units that are Energy Star certified.

Features & Specs - Frigidaire FRA085AT7 (Best Buy)
info Btu/hr. 8000
info EER 10.8
info Min window width (in.) 23
info Max window width (in.) 39
info Weight (lbs.) 49
info Remote control Yes
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User Reviews - Frigidaire FRA085AT7 (Best Buy)
User Reviews
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Loudly Cools
Easy Window Installation
Energy Efficient
Uneven Cooling
Best Uses
This model was bought because it touted a sleep mode...keeps you cool without keeping you awake. Unfortunately the noise level of this AC is so loud and disrupting that I am removing it from my home. It was bought at [@] and I was told by them they would not refund, exchange or even check unit out to see if it was working properly. They are now entirely off my radar and I will go out of my way not to shop there again.
How long have you owned it:
One-to-three months
Bottom Line
No, I would not recommend this to a friend.
(2 of 2 customers found this review helpful)
Many Safety Issues with this model
Accurate Temperature Controls
Cools the Whole Room
Energy Efficient
Several Safety Issues
Best Uses
Any Room
My old 8,000 BTU GE a/c finally gave out after 15 years of wonderful service. I researched a/c's on and this was the highest rated model that would fit my 39 inch window.<br /><br />I think there are some huge design flaws/safety issues with this a/c. <br /><br />1) The installation guide talks about making sure the angle of the unit is proper once installed in the window (for proper drainage). The problem is, I live in a 2 story building and it is hard to hold on to the unit and inspect the unit to see how it lies in the window. If you start messing around with downward angles (for drainage), the unit could easily slip out the window and fall 2 stories to its destruction. An exterior support bracket w/ leveling provision (WHICH THIS UNIT LACKS) would help immensely with this safety issue. And if my unit ends up having drainage problems, I am not gong to be happy with Frigidaire because I was more worried about not losing the unit out the window more than the angle in which it sat in the window. AGAIN, SAFETY SHOULD BE FRIGIDAIRE'S #1 CONCERN AND FRIGIDAIRE FORGOT ABOUT SAFETY WHEN DESIGNING THIS A/C. <br /><br />2) The unit is only held in place by the window sash (ie, you close the window down onto the unit to hold it into place; there is then just ONE SCREW to screw into the window sash). My old GE unit was ALSO SOLIDLY SECURED/SCREWED DOWN into the window sill. My old GE model was going no where; I am not as confident with this Frigidaire model; I am worried that it is barely held into place. <br /><br />3) I wish that ALL WINDOW A/C'S were designed with a slide out chassis. That way we could screw/secure the top of the cabinet into the window sash and the bottom of the cabinet into the window sill (this is how my GE model was designed). Angle adjustments are MUCH EASIER with this design because you don't have to deal with the weight of the a/c and the fear of dropping it. Once the cabinet is secure and properly angled in the window, you then simply slide the heavy chassis into the SECURE cabinet.<br /><br />I state below that I would recommend this to a friend but only because of its hight CR rating and cost. Frigidaire needs to take a second look at the safety issues with this product.
How long have you owned it:
A month or less
Bottom Line
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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