Make quality shakes, soups, smoothies, and frozen drinks with a versatile blender. The blender that's right for you—from personal to high-performance—depends on what you're making.

View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best blenders that crush the competition.

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Blenders Buying Guide

Want a quick and easy way to whip up smoothies and soups, and maybe even make your own nut butter? A great blender is the answer. You can get a plastic personal blender for as little as $30 or splurge more than $500 for a multifunction, premium glass blender with Bluetooth and food processor options.

Higher price typically means better functionality, versatility, and performance. Still, results are, well, mixed. Some blender blades broke under our rigorous durability tests using only ice. But that doesn't necessarily mean they'd break blending a real-world piña colada. This buying guide will steer you toward the best blender for your needs and budget.