Weed Eater WEB160 leaf blower

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Summary: This Weed Eater 7.5-amp, corded-electric handheld leaf blower weighs 4.6 lbs. and lacks vacuum capability. It comes with a 2-year warranty.
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Type: Electric handheld blowers
About - Weed Eater WEB160
Sweeping: Indicates the speed of moving a pile of leaves.
Loosening: Indicates the speed of removing embedded leaf particles from the lawn.
Vacuuming: Reflects how quickly and effectively models with vacuum capability pick up leaves and how finely they are mulched.
Handling and ease of use: Includes ease of maneuvering, using controls, and changing modes.
Noise at ear: Blower-mode noise is based on our measurements at the operator’s ear level. Models rated Fair or Poor at ear level emitted at least 85 dBA, loud enough to warrant hearing protection.
Noise at 50 feet: Blower-mode noise is based on industry-standard measurements at 50 feet. Models rated Very Good or Excellent at 50 feet should meet common municipal limits of 65 decibels (dBA).
About This Brand

Weedeater markets electric and gas leaf blowers. Weedeater products are value priced and many are lightweight. Weedeater leaf blowers can be found at mass merchants, Web retailers, and hardware stores.

Features & Specs - Weed Eater WEB160
info Weight (lbs.) 4.6
info cc/amp 7.5-amp
info Multiple speeds No
info Vacuum capability No
info Translucent fuel tank NA
info Spring assisted starting NA
info Four-cycle engine NA
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User Reviews - Weed Eater WEB160
User Reviews
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Perfect little leaf blower
Easy to Use
Well Balanced Feel
Best Uses
Blowing Leaves
Blowing Light Snow
Clearing Sawdust
When I saw the price, at first I was skeptical as whether this thing was any good or not. If it wasn't for the fact that it was sold by the local mom and pop hardware store who take pride in the quality of the products they carry, I'd have passed it right by.<br /><br />As it is, I am glad I bought it and was pleasantly surprised by the more than satisfactory performance. The lot I use it on is a 1/2 acre with a very wide driveway, garage, paths, and beds that need to be blown out. It handled all remarkably well! It made absolutely no difference that it has only one speed. It turned out to be all I needed anyway. Blew out the garage in 30 seconds. The wide driveway in under 5 minutes. It would have taken gallons of water or far more time sweeping to do the same thing. It removed every single spec. It did the driveway so quick, I had time to do the curbs and gutters, front walk, and garden beds, all in a very short time! The blower is very easy to use. Very easy to put together. It is light weight so less fatigue. I thought a corded blower was going to be a pain. It is not. Just get a retractable holder for your extension cord! It works like a dream and you are done in no time!<br />If there was anything I could say that could have been done better would be the very minute. It would have been nice if the blower had protective pads when you set it down, but this is extremely minor and in no way inhibits performance. <br />Also,if you are a bells and whistles person, this blower may not be for you. This is a very noncomplicated, plain and simple to use leaf blower. Personally, I dont need it to vaacum. I have a wet/dry vac for all of those needs. If you absolutely hate spending the time with cords but don't mind spending the same amount of time with gasoline, this may not be for you either. <br />And, big drum roll: Because electric blowers are known to out perform gasoline blowers, it does not look nerdy to use an electric leaf blower at all!<br /><br />I'd recommend this to my best friend,<br />His mama,<br />His mama's sister,<br />and the dog.
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Three-to-six months
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Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.
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