First impression: Can-Am Spyder motorcycle

Consumer Reports News: June 26, 2009 11:08 AM

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Consumer Reports staffers had a chance to sample a few bikes at a recent driving event outside New York. This is part two of three. Also see our first impressions of the Aprillia 850 Mana.

Can-Am Spyder
The Can-Am Spyder is a three-wheeled bike with two in front and one giant wheel in back. The Spyder is made by Bombardier Recreational Products, which also makes Ski-Doo snowmobiles and Sea-Doo watercraft. It uses a 106-hp, 998 cc Rotax V-twin engine and belt drive, and it is available with either a five-speed manual or CVT automatic transmission. It even has a reverse gear and standard electronic stability control. It weighs 697 pounds.

Base price is $16,199 for the manual transmission model. The CVT adds another $1,500.

Eric Evarts: A Can-Am spokesman told me this bike is meant to attract new riders to cycles. Indeed, as a relatively novice rider, it had looked intriguing to me on the road as a more stable, potentially user-friendly alternative to a motorcycle. But the stability that was attractive standing still turned into a liability in turns. Since the bike doesn’t lean, you really have to. So it’s not an alternative for people with physical disabilities for example. In turns, it’s a really long reach to the far handlebar, and it’s hard to know where its limits are. Clearly, there is a learning curve. Perversely, the new rider in me found it more intimidating than two-wheelers.

Gabe Shenhar: The Can-Am’s width undermines the feeling of riding a bike. The fact that it doesn’t lean further removes the natural flow of man and machine. It is very fast, but only in a straight line. It does not like cornering. In fact it is so reluctant to turn that you have to “help” it by leaning your body outward like on a boat or an ATV, and that requires quite a bit of physical exertion.  To me, there was nothing fun about the Can-Am, or maybe I just didn’t get the point. I was happy to get off of it.

Jim Travers: Riding the Can-Am Spyder is unlike any other vehicle I’ve driven or ridden. The big three-wheeler, with two of those wheels and a lot of weight in front, feels more like a road-going snowmobile than a motorcycle. Fast and powerful, the company says the 106-horsepower engine is good for 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds. I don’t doubt them. But in spite of lots of grip, I never felt comfortable in corners. I didn’t push it hard enough to activate electronic stability control, but it still felt disconcerting and twitchy. And the faster I went, the more it felt like work. Some of this was undoubtedly due to my inexperience, but frankly, I’d just as soon take my bikes with two wheels.

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