Daily Dispatch: Craig Newmark to advise Obama; France and Germany tell citizens to avoid IE

    Consumer Reports News: January 19, 2010 05:06 PM

    Combing through hundreds of blog posts and news articles daily, Dirk Klingner, our technology-trend watcher, sifts through the noise to bring you the tech news most important to consumers. If you have a tip on a story you want to share, leave a comment below.

    Craig Newmark Called to Advise Obama Administration on Technology ( BayNewser)

    In case there was any prior doubt, Craig Newmark has attained a significant degree of prestige in the tech world.

    Why France and Germany Got it Right: IE Must Go (ReadWriteWeb)

    "Currently it is evident that running IE6 on XP or Windows 2000 is a very bad idea, and any other browser would be a better choice for XP and Windows 2000 users," Kristensen (chief security officer for Secunia) told us. "It is also evident that there is an unpatched vulnerability in IE7 and IE8 which may or may not be exploitable on Vista and Windows 7."

    Lexicon Puts $500 Blu-Ray Player In New Case, Charges $3000 Markup ...And Gets Caught (Consumerist)

    If you've always suspected that high-end audiovisual equipment is sort of a ripoff, the folks at Audioholics have confirmed some of your suspicions. In their review of the $3500, THX-certified Lexicon BD-30, the site just came out and said it: the player is another manufacturer's very nice $500 Blu-Ray player slapped inside a new case and sold with a $3000 markup.

    Wouldn't it be cool if your could recharge your portable devices in 90 seconds? (ZDnet)

    Over the weekend I've had the opportunity to play with a tactical flashlight powered not by batteries but ultra-capacitors...But the part of the flashlight that really interests me is the ability to recharge the light from a completely discharged state in 90 seconds. That's right, a minute and a half. I didn't believe it initially, but I've tested it and the claim is spot-on. 90 seconds charge time equals a total running time of 120 minutes. And the charger isn't mains powered either, it's a 12V DC charger that runs from a car cord.

    ReCellular will recycle your phone and donate all proceeds to Haiti disaster relief (Engadget)

    ...The cellphone recycling company has launched a Phones for Haiti program, whereby you can donate your unwanted handsets and rest assured that 100 percent of the revenue raised from them will go to helping Haiti survivors rebuild.

    Apple Retail Store to See ‘Experts' in a Few Short Weeks (iPhone Blog)

    According to a source, AppleInsider says that within a few weeks the larger Apple Retail locations will have a new "Expert" position to fill that will serve as a roaming counterpart to existing "Geniuses".

    Lighter Side: A Baby to Remember (YouTube)

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