Daily Dispatch: Amazon links to Facebook for social gift cards up to $5,000; Giant magnets fasten kids to ski-lifts for safety

Consumer Reports News: November 04, 2010 11:48 AM

In today's Digital Dispatch:

Amazon.com gift cards go social (internet Retailer)

...That allows the retailer to access the names and birthdays of the user’s friends, and then post a gift card on a friend’s Wall on the specified delivery date, which can be up to a year in advance.

Facebook Claims It’s All Green Now, Touts Auto-Flush Toilets (GreenTech)

...Under the “programs” tab there’s an official list of Facebook’s recent achievements, highlights include the company’s construction of Haystack to more efficiently store photos (which led to energy savings of 20%), its green transportation system and yes, those AUTO/Dual flush toilets at its headquarters.

Using Twitter to Track Dropped Calls (MIT technology review)

...But by mining messages shared on Twitter, AT&T gets extra real-time information and can prioritize fixes, says Jia Wang, a member of the company's Internet and Systems Networking Research Center.

Help for Slow Mobile Phone Typists (New York Times)

.... At first glance 8Pen replaces the traditional area of a keyboard with a multicolored X and a large black dot. Letters seem to be randomly placed, yet the keyboard creators say there’s a rhyme and reason to every aspect of the new layout.

Agloves give full 10-finger gloved touchscreen functionality (gizmag)

...The Boulder-based company behind the Agloves says that since the whole glove is knitted with its unique silver yarn they are able to work even if the wearer’s fingertips lose conductivity, when they are too cold or dry for example.

Giant Magnets Stick Children to Ski-Lifts (Wired)

...Chairlifts at participating resorts are equipped with electromagnets in the seat-backs. These are activated throughout the whole journey, and stick to a lightweight 200-gram (0.44-pound) back-protector which has a metal plate on its surface.

SkyFire Browser Gets Pulled From App Store Due to Overwhelming Demand (Erictric)

...“Skyfire for iPhone has been received with unbelievable enthusiasm. Despite our best attempts and predictions, the demand far exceeds our initial projections. The user experience was performing well for the first few hours, but as the surge continued, the peak load on our servers and bandwidth caused the video experience to degrade.

Apple’s dead pixel policy for iPhone, iPad (TiPb)

...it seems they’re set by screen size. An iPhone or iPod touch can have as little as 1 dead pixel, and that’ll warrant you a replacement. An iPad will have to have 3 to warrant a replacement, as less than that is considered acceptable.

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