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App review: Web MD Baby

Consumer Reports News: January 23, 2012 08:08 AM

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When my son was an infant, I was never without "Baby 411," a reference book that takes you through nearly every possible medical scenario your child might face. A new app from WebMD serves a very similar purpose and will significantly lighten up your diaper bag.

WebMD Baby is a medical reference app for your little one that allows you to track your baby's life from the get-go. More important, it contains all of the medical research from the reputable online medical reference WebMD.

With this app, you can add each child in your family and track them separately. You can keep a journal for each child and use your device's camera to capture photo and video memories of milestone moments. You can't print these memories out into a physical baby book, but you can post them to Facebook or send them via e-mail.

There is also a growth chart and a feeding, sleeping, and diaper-changing log to help you keep track of baby's basic functions in the very beginning—which can be helpful when the doctor asks how many times the baby has peed in the first 48 hours. Sleepy new parents can lose track of this easily, but the information is important as an indicator that the baby's organs are functioning properly.

By far my favorite part of this app is the Illnesses & Emergencies section. It allows you to search through symptoms such as diarrhea or conditions such as eczema. There is a definition for each term as well as tips on when to call the doctor. And for more panicky new parents (like I was), a red button called When to Call 911 will give you some guidelines on when it is—and is not—appropriate to panic.

This app has many other fun features, such as parenting tips for just mommies or just daddies. It also has featured articles that may pertain to events you are facing—like when to start potty training, which is a stage we are approaching in my house! The app will also remind you of your child's next wellness visit according to his or her birth date and give tips of what to ask the doctor or expect from that visit.

WebMD Baby is a free app for Apple iOS devices. It is aimed at parents of babies under the age of two. The daily tips and articles do not apply to children older than two.

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Natali Morris

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