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Toilets that resist soil and odor, flush quietly, and save water

Published: February 03, 2015 04:00 PM
Photo: American Standard

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You can spend $100 for a new toilet or several times that. Consumer Reports’ latest tests of more than 30 toilets included single-flush models, which use the same amount of water with each flush, and dual-flush toilets, which let you use less water for liquid waste. Here are the details.

Inexpensive and effective

The  Glacier Bay N2428E, $100, is a Home Depot exclusive that performs as well as far pricier models. Available at Lowe’s, the Aquasource AT1203-00, $100 and a CR Best Buy, uses 1.28 gallons per flush, and the use of less water doesn’t result in drainline clogs. Choose the Glacier Bay Dual Flush N2316, $100, exclusive to Home Depot, if you seek water efficiency and think it will appeal to potential home buyers; the dual-flush model uses just 1.1 gallons per flush in its liquid-flush mode.

Best for long-term value

The American Standard Champion 4 Max 2586.128ST.020, $240, and Delta Riosa C43906, $270, are both comfort-height toilets that handle solid waste despite using just 1.28 gallons per flush. The American Standard is better at resisting clogs and odor. Paying more for the Kohler Highline Classic K-3493, $425, gets you a pressure-assisted toilet whose powerful (but very loud) flush can be helpful in large households.

White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra

Top toilet paper

Combine a top-performing toilet with one of our top toilet papers and you’ll likely lessen your chance of clogging the pipes. Our best toilets clear the drain line on one flush and the top toilet papers in our tests disintegrate more quickly than others.  Our top-scoring toilet paper is Walmart’s White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra, 25 cents for 100 sheets. In our tests, it got excellent marks for both strength and softness and was also excellent at disintegrating. It’s a CR Best Buy. Joining White Cloud on the recommended list is Charmin Ultra Strong, 41 cents for 100 sheets. It was very good in our tests for strength, softness, and disintegration.

—Ed Perratore (@edperratore on Twitter)

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