BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Extended Barrel Curling Iron Review

If you want a quality iron at a reasonable price, look no further

BaBylissPro Curling Iron on colorful background
BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Extended Barrel
Photo: BaBylissPro

Price paid: $75
Where to buy: Amazon, BaBylissPro, Ulta, Walmart
Material: Titanium
Barrel length: 7 inches
Multiple temperature settings: Yes, 5
Cord length: 8 feet
Swivel cord: Yes
Dual voltage: Yes
Auto shutoff: No
Warranty: 2-year limited
Safety certification: ETL (Electrical Testing Laboratories) Listed

Priced at a very reasonable $75, the BaBylissPro is an eye-catching curling iron with a shiny blue extra-long barrel. It comes with a clear set of instructions that includes a guide for which of the five temperature settings might be right for your hair: 285° F for fragile or very fine hair; 320° F for thin, easy-to-curl hair; 355° F for average-textured hair; 395° F for wavy or curly hair; and 430° F for coarse or very thick hair. 

How it works: It turns on and begins to heat the barrel as soon as you plug it in. You press what looks like a power button to change the temperature settings, which are listed just above the button and illuminated with a small red light. It takes about 39 seconds to heat up after turning it on. It needs to be unplugged to turn it off; it takes about 12 minutes for the barrel to cool enough that it’s safe to touch.

Our biggest gripe: Angela observed that the hinged metal kickstand often got in the way while she curled. Both Daniela and I noticed that there’s no barrier between the handle and the heated barrel, which makes it more possible to burn yourself—I definitely touched it, but drew my hand away fast enough to avoid an injury. 

What we liked: Like the Bio Ionic Long Barrel curling iron, the evaluators with long hair loved the extra 2 inches on the BaByliss barrel. And at just over half the cost, the BaBylissPro also has a half-inch on the Bio Ionic Long Barrel curling iron. I think $75 is an extremely reasonable price—when hair devices start getting into the triple digits, I get a little squeamish. My only issue with it is that it starts to heat up as soon as you plug it in, which feels like it could pose safety problems. Otherwise, I loved wrapping my hair around its shiny blue barrel and was super satisfied with the long, Rapunzel-like curls I achieved with this iron.

women with their hair curled
Laura and Ginger show off curls by the BaBylissPro Nano Titanium Extended Barrel curling iron.

Photos: Laura Murphy, Ginger Cowles/Consumer Reports Photos: Laura Murphy, Ginger Cowles/Consumer Reports

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