Amazon Prime Day kicked off this morning, starting the clock on a 48-hour sales event for Prime members with millions of deals on home products, electronics, and much more.

This year competing retailers are getting in on the action. So far, we've seen sales at Lowe's, Macy's, True Value Hardware, and Walmart, among others.

But more isn't always better—and a deal isn't always a deal. To help you make the most of the summer sales, Consumer Reports scoured the Prime Day offerings and ads from other major retailers for kitchen and home products that performed well in our exhaustive lab tests. This way, you can weigh performance and price to make sure you snag the best value, whether that's on Amazon or elsewhere.

Keep in mind that many Prime Day deals have a short shelf life and may sell out. We note end times where we have them.

We'll keep updating this article throughout the event, so check back for more CR-recommended and top-rated products on sale.

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Air Fryers
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Coffee Makers
• Multi-Cookers
• Food Processors
• Toaster Ovens
• Mattresses
Lawn Tools
Prime Day Deals to Avoid


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Air-Fryer Deals

Ninja AF100

    The Ninja AF100 usually sells for $100 and scores high enough in our tests to be recommended. Usable capacity is just 3 quarts. The electronic controls and preprogrammed settings are easy to see and use. Cleaning this fryer is fairly easy, but it's on the noisy side.

    Hamilton Beach Digital 35050

      The Hamilton Beach Digital 35050 can turn out nicely cooked food, like all the air fryers we’ve tested, and usually retails for around $80. The touch-screen controls are a cinch to use, earning an Excellent rating in CR’s tests, and we also found this model fairly easy to clean. Note that its measured capacity is only 2.6 quarts. The five-year warranty is unusually long.

      Power AirFryer XL

        We’ve seen this model sell for as little as $85 and as much as $150 lately. The Power AirFryer XL has a 5.3-quart capacity, and is easy to clean—it’s the only one we’ve tested to snag an Excellent rating in that test. But this air fryer is on the noisy side, and the warranty lasts just 60 days.

        Blender Deals

        Vitamix 5200

          This top-notch model typically goes for around $450—and rarely goes on sale. The Vitamix 5200 earns an Excellent rating in CR’s icy-drinks tests, meaning it can crank out batch after batch of refreshing margaritas and restorative smoothies. Plus, Vitamix is the only blender brand to earn an Excellent rating for both predicted reliability and owner satisfaction based on data from CR’s exclusive member survey. The deal expires 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, July 16.

          Vitamix Explorian Series E310

            The Vitamix E310, usually $350, is already Vitamix’s lowest-priced blender. Extra savings on top of that is worth getting excited about, especially because the appliance aces our purée test and garners a Very Good rating for smoothies. It’s a bare-bones model, but it certainly doesn’t lack the ability to prep all kinds of foods, including hot soups and nut butters. The deal expires 11 a.m. EST on Tuesday, July 16.

            Cuisinart Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP CBT-2000

              This high-powered Cuisinart garners an Excellent rating in our tests for icy drinks and puréeing soup, but it’s noisier than average. It has programmed presets that you can adjust, and a unique memory function that will save your preferences for future blends. We paid $400 for this CR-recommended model.

              Dash Chef Series Digital Blender

                A sleek dial with presets on this blender takes the guesswork out of whipping up yummy soups and frozen drinks, tasks that the CR-recommended Dash Chef earns an Excellent rating for in our tests. We paid $200 for this 1,400-watt blender, which has a built-in timer and cool candy-colored finishes. Note that the Bed Bath & Beyond price includes the 20 percent discount that comes with the merchant's coupon.

                Ninja with DUO Auto-iQ BL642

                  The CR-recommended Ninja BL642 blender makes a mean smoothie, snagging an Excellent rating in that test. It’s a decent value to begin with at its everyday price of $200, about half the price of some high-end blenders that perform similarly in our tests, so any discount is a good one. It also comes with three personal-sized blending cups for nutritious drinks on the go. 

                  Multi-Cooker Deals

                  Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 6 Quart

                    If you haven’t jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon yet, here’s your chance to do it and save. This 6-quart model, which usually costs $100, rates Excellent for pressure-cooking and does a nice job making rice. It’s not as good when it comes to steaming, though, earning a Fair rating for making broccoli and baby carrots that were on the mushy side. Amazon's Prime Day deal ends Tuesday night.

                    Coffee-Maker Deals

                    Bella 14755 with Brew Strength Selector

                      The Bella 14755 drip coffee maker is already one of the more affordable models in our ratings at its full price of $40. It rates Very Good for brew performance and is a CR Best Buy pick, thanks to its combination of performance and value, which means any discount sweetens the deal. The deal is on until 2:35 p.m. EST Monday.

                      Oxo Barista Brain 9-Cup 8710100

                        The Oxo Barista Brain 9-Cup 8710100 drip coffee maker, usually $200, performs quite well in our lab tests, and Oxo drip coffee makers receive an Excellent rating for owner satisfaction, according to data from our latest member survey. We’ve seen this brewer discounted as recently as June. The deal is good until 4:15 p.m. on Tuesday, July 16.

                        Food-Processor Deals

                        Cuisinart Custom 14 DFP-14BCNY

                          This 14-cup food processor, a CR-recommended model, is rated Excellent for chopping and performs well in our tests for slicing, shredding, and grating. It’s also one of the quietest models we've tested. We paid $200 when we tested this product a few years back. Amazon's Prime Day deal ends at 9:40 p.m. EST on Monday, July 15.

                          Hamilton Beach Stack & Snap 70725A

                            This 8-cup food processor is rated Excellent for shredding and Very Good for chopping, slicing, and grating. We paid $100 for this model when we tested it in November. The controls are not as easy to use as others, but accessories—such as a bowl scraper and a storage case for organizing blade attachments—add to its convenience.

                            Toaster-Oven Deals

                            Breville BOV650XL Oven

                              The 1,800-watt Breville BOV650XL is the best toaster oven you can buy right now. It earns the No. 1 spot in our toaster-oven ratings and performs admirably in our reheating test, evenly cooking a single serving of lasagna after 15 minutes of baking. It’s usually priced at $180, but we’ve seen it drop as low as $130 in the past year. Amazon's Prime Day deal ends 6:35 p.m. EST on Monday, July 15.

                              Mattress Deals

                              Tuft & Needle T&N Original Mattress

                                The foam Tuft & Needle Mattress earns an Excellent rating in our durability tests, which means it shows no signs of wear and tear after eight to 10 years of simulated use. It offers decent support for sleepers of all sizes, whether you prefer to sleep on your side or your back. CR paid $600 for the queen-sized mattress we tested. Amazon’s Prime Day deal ends just before midnight on Monday, July 15.

                                Avocado Green

                                  One of the top innerspring mattresses in our ratings, the queen-sized Avocado Green Mattress usually sells for $1,400. The bed-in-a-box is on sale this week, on Avocado’s site: Use the code PRIMESALE to get $200 off. The mattress earns an Excellent rating for supporting side sleepers of all sizes. Avocado offers a one-year sleep trial, during which you can return the mattress for a full refund.

                                  Drill Deals

                                  Milwaukee 2407-22

                                    A pistol-like design makes this lightweight 12-volt Milwaukee an easy drill to use, earning it an Excellent rating for handling. It rates Good in both the speed and power tests, and comes with two Li-ion batteries that recharge in just 30 minutes. This model is CR recommended for general use, meaning it’s the right tool for DIYers. It’s not a cheap—we paid $129 for it two years ago—so any discount makes for a better value.

                                    Lawn-Tool Deals

                                    Greenworks PRO 80V Cordless Brushless String Trimmer + Blower Combo, 2Ah Battery Included STBA80L210

                                      This combo kit has the highly rated GreenWorks GBL80300 leaf blower and ST80L210 string trimmer. Both battery-powered tools fare well in our tests, with the string trimmer earning a rating of Excellent for trimming. The leaf blower garners a rating of Very Good for loosening embedded leaves. CR paid just over $200 for the string trimmer and $250 for the leaf blower. Amazon's Prime Day deal on the combo kit ends at midnight on Monday, July 15.

                                      Prime Day Deals to Avoid

                                      Classic Brands Mercer Hybrid

                                      Though this mattress’s price might be appealing with a Prime Day discount (down to $249 from $429), the Classic Brands Mercer Hybrid mattress earns a Poor rating for support for large and tall sleepers, and a Fair rating for support for petite side sleepers and average back sleepers. If shopping in this price range, the Tuft & Needle mattress on sale for Prime Day is a better bet.

                                      Personal Blender
                                      NutriBullet 900 Series Blender, 9 piece

                                      This extra-large personal-syle blender rates Excellent for puréeing but gets only a Good for smoothies, which is the main reason you may want to buy a NutriBullet. This NutriBullet also has a low Overall Score in our ratings because of its Poor predicted reliability rating based on data from CR’s member survey. Walmart is selling it for $59, down from $129, but even on sale, we strongly suggest passing on this one.

                                      Stick Vacuum
                                      Hoover Impulse BH53020 stick vacuum

                                      Unless you have a pet, this vacuum isn’t the best choice. While it earns an Excellent rating on CR's pet-hair test, it’s a lackluster performer at cleaning carpet and hard floors, and picking up debris along the edges. Emissions are clean but the dust bin is a bit tricky to empty. Runtime is 19 minutes, and you’ll need all that time to clean up. So don't be tempted by the discount Amazon is offering, down to $138 from about $180.