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Amazon Prime Day officially kicked off Monday, July 16, and it makes sense that the retailing giant is throwing its weight into promoting smart home products. More and more devices can take commands from Alexa, Amazon’s digital voice-controlled assistant.

CR’s experts have hunted through thousands of Prime Day offers to find the best deals on highly-rated electronics, home products, and—as featured below—smart home gear. Of course, all of these products are compatible with Alexa.

Amazon Smart Speakers

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)
Sale price: $70
Is it a good deal? The Echo is the smart speaker that started it all, but our testers placed the second generation Echo in the middle of the ratings pack, largely because its sound quality is significantly worse than newer competitors' like the Sonos One and Google Home Max. But if you’re not that concerned about sound quality, this is a good deal. The Echo lists for $100 and it's not discounted often.

Shop for the Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) at Amazon

Other options: If you really don't care about sound quality, or plan to pair your Echo device with another wireless speaker, consider the Echo Dot, below.

Shop for the Echo Dot (Black) at Amazon
Shop for the Echo Dot (White) at Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot
Sale price: $30
Is it a good deal? The inexpensive Echo Dot is one of the cheapest ways to get started in the world of smart speakers. And when it comes to smarts, it performs just as well as pricier products that access Amazon's Alexa voice-activated digital assistant. Our testers found the Dot’s sound to be lacking when playing music, but you can pair it to a non-smart Bluetooth speaker for better audio quality. The Dot normally retails for $50, but is frequently discounted to $35 at retailers including Best Buy and Bed Bath and Beyond. This Prime Day deal essentially saves you an additional five bucks.

Shop for the Echo Dot (Black) at Amazon
Shop for the Echo Dot (White) at Amazon

Other options: The Google Home Mini is the Dot’s logical competitor, also listing at $50 and routinely discounted at other retailers. It's currently $34 at Best Buy.

Shop for the Google Home Mini at Best Buy

Amazon Echo Dot (Kids Edition) 
Sale price: $60
Is it a good deal? The Kids Edition of the Echo Dot adds a colorful rubber cover to a normal Dot, along with a year’s subscription to Free Time Unlimited, which includes access to Audible children’s books, kids’ songs on Amazon Music, and games and apps from outlets such as Disney, National Geographic, and Nickelodeon. Note that Amazon’s FreeTime parental dashboard is free, and can be used with a regular Dot or Echo. On Prime Day the Kids Edition sells for $30 more than the regular Dot, listed above for $30. This Prime Day offer begs two questions: Is the Free Time Unlimited subscription worth $30 to your family? (It costs $3 to $10 a month when ordered separately);  and should your child have a smart speaker at all? Some privacy experts have raised concerns about putting such devices in a child’s bedroom.

Shop for the Echo Dot (Kids Edition) at Amazon

Amazon Echo Look
Sale price: $100
Is it a good deal? Well, it's $100, or 50 percent, off on an Alexa-powered device, but whether that's a good deal depends on whether this quirky device appeals to you—some people love it, while others find the concept creepy. (Consumer Reports has not tested the product.) The Echo Look is a voice-activated webcam that you can use to take photos or videos of what you're wearing. You can store the files to build up a fashion lookbook, share your styles with friends, or get feedback on your fashion choices from Amazon's combination of artificial intelligence and human experts. It's sort of a fashion security camera—or, perhaps, insecurity camera.

Shop for the Echo Look at Amazon

Amazon Echo Plus
Sale price: $100
Is it a good deal? Consumer Reports yet hasn’t tested the Amazon Echo Plus, which is essentially a higher-end version of the Echo that includes a built-in Zigbee smart home hub designed to allow for easy setup of smart home products from companies like Phillips Hue, GE, and Yale. The Plus also includes an upgraded speaker. The Plus normally sells for $150, so the $100 Prime Day price represents a $50 discount, steeper than Amazon’s $30 discount on the second-generation Echo.

Shop for the Echo Plus at Amazon

Amazon Echo Show
Sale price: $130
Is it a good deal? Like the Echo Look, the Echo Show is being discounted by $100. The product is innovative, adding a 7-inch touchscreen to an Alexa-powered smart speaker and earning a Best Buy rating from our testers. However, the Show is still primarily a voice-powered product. Its screen is best suited to secondary uses like showing the steps of recipe in addition to narrating them, although you can use it to stream video if you’re so inclined. At $130 it now costs just a few dollars more than the $100 second-generation Echo.

Shop for the Echo Show (Black) at Amazon
Shop for the Echo Show (White) at Amazon

Other options: Amazon is also packaging the Show with a Ring Video Doorbell Pro for $300. Since the Ring is discounted to $174 on Prime Day, this bundle saves you only $4—and a couple of clicks—compared to buying the two products a la carte.

Shop for the Echo Show plus Ring Video Doorbell at Amazon

Amazon Echo Spot
Sale price: 
Is it a good deal? The Echo Spot, which hasn’t been tested by Consumer Reports, is essentially an Echo Dot with a small round touch screen. The design is sleek, but the small size and round format of the screen makes it useful only if you’re reasonably close to it. That means that stashing it on a high shelf isn’t a great option. The Spot generally sells for $130 at retailers like Office Depot and B&H Photo, so the $100 Prime Day price represents a significant discount.

Shop for the Echo Spot on Amazon

Other options: The Echo Show (above) which has a larger and more useful screen is also on sale for $130 on Prime Day.

Shop for the Echo Show (Black) at Amazon
Shop for the Echo Show (White) at Amazon

More Smart Home Gear

August Smart Lock Pro + Connect
Sale price: $238
Is it a good deal? Yes. The latest generation of CR’s highest-rated smart lock, the August Smart Lock Pro is being bundled with its August Connect WiFi Bridge, the $80 device that allows the lock to connect to the internet. Taken together, that’s a 15 percent discount. The second-generation August Smart Lock earns strong ratings in our tests, including an Excellent rating for Smart IQ—our proprietary measurement of a smart lock’s range of features.

Shop August Smart Lock Pro + Connect at Amazon

Other options The cheaper, third-generation August Smart Lock is also on sale during Prime Day, for $112, or 26 percent off. This model is actually quite different from the Pro and second-gen models, offering a different hardware style and fewer third-party integrations. CR has yet to test this model, so we can’t comment on its performance.

Shop August Smart Lock third-gen at Amazon

Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat and 3 Remote Sensors
Sale price: $200
Is it a good deal? This bundle is a great deal because it includes two remote sensors in addition to the one that comes with the thermostat—an extra worth $79 by itself. These sensors, which you can place in various rooms to better balance heating and cooling throughout your home, are what distinguishes Ecobee from its competition. The Ecobee3 doesn’t rank particularly high in our smart thermostat ratings because it lacks some of the automation features that rivals such as the Nest Learning Thermostat offer. But it does earn strong scores for Smart IQ (a measure of its variety of smart features) and Manual Operation, for those occasions when you want to change the temperature the old fashioned way.

Shop Ecobee3 thermostat bundle at Amazon

Other options The Honeywell Lyric T5 ranks higher than the Ecobee3 and is a CR Best Buy pick that’s available on Amazon for $113. It’s not on sale and doesn’t work with remote sensors, but it offers somewhat better automation and a wide array of features, netting it an Excellent rating for Smart IQ.

Shop Honeywell Lyric T5 at Amazon

Netgear Arlo Pro Camera Bundles
Sale price: $400 - $440
Is it a good deal? Amazon is selling two different Netgear Arlo Pro camera bundles at a discount to Prime members. The first bundle gives you two Arlo Pro cameras and one Arlo Smart Home Security Light for $400, a savings of 16 percent. The second bundle includes three Arlo Pro cameras and an additional Arlo Pro battery pack for $440, its second lowest price in the last month. Our testers give the Netgear Arlo Pro an Excellent score for Response Time, a measurement of how quickly you receive a notification when there’s movement in the camera’s field of view. Its performance rates decent in our other tests.

Shop Netgear Arlo Pro 3 Camera System with Siren at Amazon

Shop Netgear Arlo Security Light and Pro Camera (2 Camera) Bundle at Amazon 

Ring Video Doorbell Pro
Sale price: $174
Is it a good deal? This offer represents 30 percent off the typical price of $250, making it the lowest price we’ve ever seen for this smart home product. No video doorbell aces CR’s tests, but the Ring Video Doorbell Pro is the only model in our ratings that delivers strong performance across the board. Like most video doorbells, it requires power from your existing doorbell’s wiring.

Shop Ring Video Doorbell Pro on Amazon

Amazon Echo Dot + Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Kit Bundle
Sale price: $330
Is it a good deal? It’s a savings of 27 percent off both products. The Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security Kit is also one of the more expensive DIY home security systems on the market, which makes this deal notable. With the system, you can sign up for contract-free, optional professional monitoring from ADT, as well as use it as a smart home system to control compatible lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, and more. With the included Echo Dot, you’ll be able to use Alexa to control all those smart home devices. Just remember that the Echo Dot is far from the best sounding smart speaker in our ratings.

Shop Amazon Echo Dot + Samsung SmartThings ADT Bundle at Amazon

Amazon Key Bundles
Sale price: $140 - $200
Is it a good deal? If you’re itching to try letting Amazon leave packages inside your home, these Amazon Key bundles, ranging from 42 to 48 percent off, are worth considering. Each of the three bundles includes an Amazon Cloud Cam and a smart lock. We haven’t yet tested the Amazon Cloud Cam, but we have tested two of the three smart locks—the Kwikset Kevo Convert and the Yale Assure YRD226. The Convert is a retrofit smart lock, meaning it only replaces the interior side of your deadbolt, while the Yale Assure replaces the entire deadbolt. Thing is, the Yale lock is the lowest-scoring smart lock in our ratings, earning a Poor rating for Connectivity and being highly susceptible to physical attacks. Of course, the Convert is only as strong as the deadbolt its paired with, but at least it earns a Fair for Connectivity. The Kwikset Convert bundle is also the cheapest of the bunch.

Shop $140 Amazon Key - Kwikset Kevo Convert Bundle at Amazon

Shop $200 Amazon Key - Yale Assure YRD226 Bundle at Amazon

Shop $180 Amazon Key - Kwikset SmartCode 914 Bundle at Amazon

Abode Essentials Starter Kit
Sale price: $229
Is it a good deal? It’s a decent deal, giving you $50 (or 18 percent) off the DIY home security system’s usual price. The kit includes the system gateway, one door/window sensor, one key fob, and one motion sensor. We’ve found that Abode doesn’t have the cheapest additional component costs, but they’re in the middle of the pack compared with the competition. Abode’s security system also works as a smart home system, allowing you to connect compatible lights, locks, thermostats, and more.

Shop Abode Essentials Starter Kit at Amazon