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If you missed Amazon Prime Day or any of the other sales that coincided with the retail giant's summer savings event, don't fret. A number of them are still available. In fact, Walmart's Deals for Days sale doesn't end until tonight. So you can still save on a select items.

Discounts are always coming and going on pretty much anything you might want to buy. Consumer Reports looks beyond the price and considers the quality of the items (according to our test results and owner surveys) to determine if they're worth your money.

Keep in mind that these prices were accurate at press time, but sales can change anytime.

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Smart Home Security
Cooking and Kitchen Products
Other Home Goods
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Insignia 50-Inch Smart 4K Fire TV

This set from Insignia, Best Buy’s house brand, is a lower-priced model with satisfying overall picture quality but less impressive HDR performance. The model, which also uses the Amazon Fire TV smart TV system, is sold only at Best Buy and Amazon.

CR's test results: Insignia NS-50DF710NA21 TV

LG 65-Inch B-Series 4K OLED Smart TV

LG's OLED TVs perform well in CR's tests. The B-Series is the entry-level model lineup, so it has a slightly less powerful processor than the C-Series. But it still has excellent overall picture quality and top-notch sound, and it's capable of delivering a satisfying HDR experience. And it supports Dolby Atmos audio, which can give a soundtrack a three-dimensional effect.

CR's test results: LG OLED65BXPUA TV

LG 77-Inch Smart 4K OLED TV

Anyone looking for a top-performing jumbo-sized TV should consider this LG OLED set, one of the best models we tested in 2020. It’s among a limited number of options that can deliver a truly compelling HDR experience, and it has great sound.

CR's test results: LG OLED77CXPUA TV

Sony 50-Inch 4K Google TV

This is an entry-level 4K set with decent—if unexceptional—overall picture quality, plus not-so-hot HDR. Earlier this year Sony moved from the Android smart TV system to Google TV, which has a main interface that helps you find shows and movies easier. The set’s price has fallen a decent amount since it was introduced.

CR’s test results: Sony KD55X80J TV

Toshiba 55-Inch Smart 4K Fire TV

This set, which also uses Amazon’s Fire TV smart TV system, is a fine overall performer, though like many lower-priced sets it can’t produce a great HDR experience. It also has better-than-average sound quality.

CR's test results: Toshiba 55LF621U21 TV

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Apple AirPods Pro True Wireless Earbuds

The AirPods Pro are rarely discounted, and when they are it's usually only by $15 to $20, so these savings are worth a look. The model offers active noise cancellation to muffle outside sound and interchangeable ear insert tips, abandoning the one-size-fits-all earbud design of its predecessors. The sound quality is more than sufficient for critical listeners of music and movie soundtrack playback.

CR's test results: Apple AirPods Pro headphones

Cleer Ally Plus True Wireless Earphones

Although it's been listed for as much as $149.99, we often see it around $100, and right now you can pick it up even cheaper. It’s the most inexpensive true wireless noise-canceling model we recommend, delivering dependable sound quality, great noise cancellation, and other handy features, such as an auto-pause function that stops your audio when you take the headphones out of your ears.

CR’s test results: Cleer Ally Plus

Jabra Elite 85t True Wireless Headphones

Jabra’s follow up to the popular 65t model lives up to the hype and adds fantastic noise-canceling performance in addition to great audio quality. These feature-rich true wireless headphones have adjustable noise-cancellation levels, a monitor mode so you can pipe in outside sound, and an auto-pause feature that stops your audio when you take the earbuds out. They also feature a “hybrid” earbud/insert style, so they seal the ear canals without sticking deep inside them, which may be more comfortable for some people.

CR's test results: Jabra Elite 85t

Sony WF-SP800N True Wireless Earphones

This significantly discounted model is a good deal if you’re looking for noise-canceling true wireless headphones. The SP800N gets a decent rating for sound blocking and audio quality, and it has a handy monitor mode that lets you listen in on your environment when you don’t want to cancel outside sound.

CR’s test results: Sony WF-SP800N

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Smart Home Security

SimpliSafe Home Security System

The SimpliSafe security system performs quite well in our tests, with strong scores for motion detection and ease of setup. It also offers plenty of add-ons to expand the system’s capabilities, including security cameras and leak sensors. This seven-piece bundle comes with four contact sensors for doors and windows, one motion detector, one keypad, and the system base station. The six-piece bundle we tested originally cost $259, which makes this bundle a solid value.

CR's test results: SimpliSafe The Essentials SS3-01 home Security System

August WiFi Smart Lock

Want to upgrade your door lock without changing your keys? The August WiFi Smart Lock is the perfect solution. It’s a retrofit smart lock, meaning it replaces only the interior, thumb-turn side of your existing deadbolt, and it connects directly to your home’s WiFi, no clunky hubs required. This lock provides superb performance in our tests and packs a ton of smart features, including auto-locking and unlocking, voice control (via Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit/Siri, and Google Assistant), access logs, electronic keys, and a door sensor (to tell if the door is closed, not just locked). It's worth noting this lock was $30 less at Amazon during Prime Day sales.

CR's test results: August WiFi Smart Lock AUG SL05-M01-G01

Ecobee Smart With Voice Control EB-STATe5-01 Thermostat

The Ecobee Smart Thermostat with Voice Control, the company’s latest model, features Amazon Alexa built in for voice control and comes with a remote temperature sensor (typically $40) that you can place in another room for more balanced heating and cooling. In our tests, it scores very well for manual operation (thanks to its slick touch-screen interface) and its array of smart features. In addition to Amazon Alexa, this thermostat also works with Apple HomeKit/Siri, Google Assistant, and Samsung SmartThings, so you shouldn’t have a problem getting it to work with other connected devices in your home.

CR's test results: Ecobee Smart With Voice Control EB-STATe5-01 thermostat

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Cooking and Kitchen Products

Chefman InstaCoffee Pod Coffee Maker

The Chefman InstaCoffee brewer outperforms $200 machines, with stellar ratings in all our tests, including first-cup speed. You won’t get many features at this price, though. This Chefman’s only features are an auto-shutoff and the ability to brew from K-Cups or loose grounds.

CR’s test results: Chefman InstaCoffee pod coffee maker

Instant Pot Ace Blender

The 600-watt Instant Pot Ace blender earns high marks in our icy-drinks tests, so expect smoothies with a smooth, consistent texture, though it’s better at blending bananas and other soft fruits than it is at puréeing carrots and apples. There are settings for blending milk made of nuts, rice, or soy, and one for blending and cooking hot soup. We made a cannellini cauliflower soup in about 25 minutes following an Instant recipe and it turned out nice and hot, thanks to the blender’s 700-watt built-in heater.

CR's test results: Instant Pot Ace blender

Zojirushi Conventional Rice Cooker

This budget rice cooker from Zojirushi has one of the best scores for cooking rice and is one of the fastest tested in CR’s labs. The reason it’s so low-priced compared with Zojirushi’s popular induction model? It’s bare-bones when it comes to controls and features. It has a single button to cook rice, and that’s it. No preset cooking options, no keep-warm feature, not even an audio indicator for when the rice is done. But it’s still a great option, thanks to its cooking capabilities, low price, and small size.

CR’s test results: Zojirushi NHS-06 3-cup rice cooker


Eufy RoboVac 11S Robotic Vacuum

The Eufy RoboVac 11s cleans carpet well in our tests and leaves very little pet hair. It does even better on bare floors. Though it’s not the most efficient cleaner—testers noted that it sometimes scatters debris—it eventually gets the job done, operates quietly, and has a cliff sensor, so it won’t tumble down stairs. This robotic vacuum isn’t WiFi-enabled and can’t be used with a smartphone app.

CR’s test results: Eufy RoboVac 11S robotic vacuum

iRobot Roomba e5 Robotic Vacuum

This Roomba isn’t as “smart” as the top-of-the-line iRobot Roomba i7+, but it performs well cleaning carpet and bare floors. It’s also a champ at navigating a room, then returning to its base for recharging. It has a convenient carrying handle. If you prefer a model with a remote, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

CR’s test results: iRobot Roomba e5

Kenmore 22614 Bagless Canister Vacuum

Impressive cleaning, lots of airflow for tools, and fairly quiet running helped make this bagless canister a top pick. The Kenmore 22614 is also a great choice for picking up after cats or dogs. Key features include manual carpet pile-height adjustment, suction control, a brush on/off switch, and a retractable cord. One caveat: Handling this vacuum’s 23 pounds takes some muscle. Make sure to click the $20 off coupon box to get the full discount.

CR’s test results: Kenmore 22614

Tineco Pure One S11 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Of the Tineco stick vacs that sit at the top of our ratings, this is lowest in terms of price—and the highest in terms of performance in our tests. The Tineco Pure One S11 cleans impressively in all our major tests and has many features to boot. An LED panel shows how much battery life you have left as well as the suction level, which varies when you switch from bare floors to carpet. A sensor detects the amount of debris and adapts the suction power accordingly. And in CR’s tests, it ran for 22 minutes per charge when using both the high and low settings.

CR’s test results: Tineco Pure One S11

Other Home Goods

Bissell Air320 Air Purifier

Designed with aesthetics in mind, the Air320 is a solid addition for the style-conscious consumer. It does well at clearing the air at high speeds and is pretty easy to use. At $70 off, you’re saving almost one year of the annual operating cost for this model.

CR’s test results: Bissell Air320

Char-Broil Kamander Kamado Grill

The Char-Broil Kamander is one of four nonceramic kamado grills in our ratings, all of which score very similarly. The Kamander hits the sweet spot between price and performance. It’s made from double-walled stainless steel, with a powder-coated finish. On high heat, the Kamander can get to 1,000° F, helping it to char pizza crust perfectly in our tests—and earn high scores for cooking performance. As with ceramic models, it has upper and lower dampers for controlling airflow, but because of its metal construction, it’s far lighter than most kamado grills, weighing in at 115 pounds.

CR’s test results: Char-Broil Kamander 17302051 kamado grill

Worx 20-Volt Light-Duty Cordless Drill

This unique drill, one of the best drills for under $100, falls in our light-duty category because of the limitations of its fixed ¼-inch chuck. But it blurs the line because it’s powered by a 20-volt battery, which would otherwise place it in the heavy-duty class.

It’s a one-off design with two chucks, allowing you to load two bits at once and easily switch from drilling to driving by rotating the wheel at the business end of the tool. The dual chuck might be more of a liability than an asset for some. The mechanism makes the tool a little unwieldy and difficult to maneuver in tight spaces—say, inside a sink cabinet—which might be why you’d want a light-duty drill in the first place.

CR’s test results: Worx WX176L cordless drill

Fitness Equipment

Nautilus T616 Treadmill

A folding treadmill like this model can be a space saver. Overall, this one performed well in CR’s tests, with our testers noting that it was sturdy, durable, and easy to use. It comes with a chest strap heart-rate monitor.

CR’s test results: Nautilus T616 treadmill

Schwinn 470 Elliptical

This is one of the lower-priced models among the ellipticals with heart-rate programs we tested. (A heart-rate program automatically adjusts the intensity of the workout based on a target heart rate.) The hand-contact heart-rate sensors located on the stationary handgrips were a little low for a taller user to reach comfortably and appeared unreliable during our testing. If heart-rate programs are important to you, purchasing a compatible chest-strap monitor will improve both convenience and accuracy.

CR’s test results: Schwinn 470 elliptical