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The marketplace isn’t fair. In fact, it’s failing consumers. That’s why we’re fighting to create a fair marketplace for you, especially when buying cars. From advancing legislation to helping you find the best deal to even exposing market fraud, we raise your voice. Because if we won’t, who will?


At our state-of-the-art Auto Testing Center, we’ve dedicated 327 acres in rural Connecticut to test-drive cars. We buy cars from the same dealerships you do, then push each vehicle to its limits. Our team drives 500,000+ miles a year to gain valuable, unbiased insights into safety, performance, and efficiency. Backed by thousands of surveys and tests, our ratings shape our suite of auto ratings and reviews, so you have the full data to pick the best car.

Speaking up
for fairness

Car companies and consumers have different priorities. Automakers want profit. You just want a fair deal. That’s why we’re here to advocate for you. We work on the ground level with consumers and other organizations to fight for fair policies that protect everyone. Our relentless drive for fairness has led to the most innovative milestones in the industry, including anti-rollover protections, improved seatbelt design, and raising vehicle carbon emission standards. We work with policymakers and hold manufacturers accountable to make vehicles safer.

We All
Deserve Safety

→ Safety is not just for those who can afford it. Advanced safety systems, like Blind-Spot Warning, must come standard across all trim levels. These safety technologies should be accessible for every driver, and we'll continue to push for it. Join us to make safety affordable for every driver and sign our petition.

The Future of Driving

→ Cars are getting smart. Really smart. They can now automatically brake in emergencies, keep a safe distance in between cars, and even help you stay in your lane. As automakers race towards self-driving cars, we’re here to keep them in check. These technologies may enhance safety and convenience, but they also pose new risks. That’s why we’re monitoring this emerging industry with research, surveys, and hands-on road tests to evaluate and incentivize safe innovation. We will continue to work with auto and policymakers to make sure your safety comes first.

the Years

→ Our work has made a safer and greener car market – not just for today’s consumer, but for generations before. Here are just a few recent highlights of what CR has fought for over the years:

Bringing Green
Within Reach

→ This year, we’re rolling out our “Green Choice” stamp of approval. If you see one of these, that means each vehicle has passed EPA’s standards for lower amounts of greenhouse gas emissions and smog-forming pollutants. Many of our annual Top Picks meet the “Green Choice” criteria. Sustainability is always at the forefront of our mission, so we’ll be monitoring and rewarding manufacturers that help us fight climate change and reduce unhealthy air quality levels.

Putting you in the driver’s seat

Buying a car is overwhelming. From aggressive dealers to confusing terms, it’s hard to know when you’re getting a fair deal. That’s why we put you in the driver’s seat. CR has built an extensive range of tools and services, so you can take control of your purchasing decisions. It’s time to walk into that dealership with confidence, and leave with the best deal.


2021 Auto Top Picks

Want to know which cars top the best of the best? Our annual report highlights the latest and greatest that have excelled in our tests. Each make and model comes with a comprehensive assessment to prove its fuel efficiency, reliability, safety features, and overall driver satisfaction.

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Ratings and Reviews

If you want to dive deeper, we’ve got you covered. With our expert ratings and reviews, you can compare safety, reliability, performance and costs by make or model, year, and more. Once you’ve found your dream car, head over to our Build and Buy service to expedite the buying process and find the best deal.


Shop with CR Recommended

The Internet is full of fake ratings and reviews. Cut through the noise with our new CR Recommended program. Starting now, when a car passes our standards for safety, reliability and performance, the manufacturer can display the CR Recommended mark online and in dealerships. It’s another way we’re driving the market towards better choices - together.

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