Many of us are obsessed with tracking our steps and sleep on our fitness trackers, but once you have all that data, how do you use it? One trend here at CES 2016 is fitness gadgets and equipment that take your data and give you feedback and suggestions based on it, acting like a digital fitness coach.

Altra IQ Smart Running Shoe

The Altra IQ smart running shoe, due to hit the market in February, is both connected and smartly designed. Powered by iFit technology, super thin, flexible, undetectable sensors are embedded along the full midsole of both shoes; many other smart shoes have the sensor in just one.

Using an iFit device or the iFit app on your smartphone you can get instant feedback as you run on many biometrics delivered through headphones or on a screen. For instance, Altra will tell you whether you land on your heels or toes, or if you land harder on one foot than on the other. Then, it offers suggestions for improving your form so you run more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.

The company claims that the sensors last for about 600 miles of use. Typically running shoes should be replaced once you’ve put about 500 miles on them, so that’s longer than the life of the shoe itself.

The shoes are as stylish as anything else on the market, and they appear to be well constructed. They have a foot-shaped toe box and a zero drop heel, which allows your feet to move in a more natural way, improving comfort and helping to prevent injuries.

Peloton Group Cycling Bike

Peloton’s group cycling bike is a high-end piece of equipment that gives you a smooth, comfortable ride. The bike comes with a 21-inch HD touchscreen that sits on top of the handlebars and connects wirelessly to the Internet. You can access over 3,000 different group cycling classes and have the option of joining one live or on demand. Choose a class by time, level, instructor, even the type of music (everything from Christmas carols to country). Metrics such as heart rate, cadence, and resistance are measured during each ride and stored so you can capture your progress over time.

The set up really makes you feel like you’re in the same room with the other cyclists. And if you’ve got friends anywhere in the world who also have the bike, you can take classes together and even video chat with each other.

Motivated by a little competition? Use the real-time leaderboard feature that lets you see how others in the class are doing. The price is steep at $2,000, plus $40 per month for an unlimited class subscription, but not out of line for a piece of home fitness equipment.


And of course you want to know how much fat you’re burning when you’re doing all that exercise. That’s where Levl comes in. It measures the acetone level in your breath, which indicates whether you’re using fat for fuel. Breathe into the device and insert it into the docking station and it sends the data to your smartphone. Armed with that information, you can make real-time decisions about your diet and workout habits that will help you maximize your fat loss. It’s not on the market yet, but the company expects it to be later this year.