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If you need a new grill this year, it’s time to make a move.

“Memorial Day is a great time to buy a grill because most retailers still have their broadest offering in stock," says Mark Allwood, CR’s market analyst who oversees grills. "But they're offering discounts over the holiday weekend in order to jump-start sales for the summer."

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In addition to reduced prices on great grills, he adds, you’ll also encounter cheaper charcoal, discounted tongs, and even promotions such as free propane or comped delivery and assembly.

Before you start shopping, check out our grill buying guide to get a feel for what kind of grill is right for you.

Below, we’ve highlighted top models available at Home DepotLowe’s, and Walmart. Together, these three behemoths sell more than 60 percent of all grills in the U.S., and with good reason. Each has hundreds of models, and the lowest prices we've encountered anywhere for the Memorial Day holiday, on many of the models that fare best in our tests.

In addition to scouring the hundreds of deals at these three retailers, we've also looked to smaller stores like Ace and True Value. They're offering deals too, but their selections are more limited. And rather than cutting prices, their deals tend to include extras, like free delivery and assembly, or free propane tanks with models above a certain price.

All of the models listed below are on sale now and will be through the weekend. Some grills will be on sale even after the holiday weekend, so make sure to check on the eligible dates for any grill that catches your eye.

If you find other options on sale, make sure to check any discounted grill against our comprehensive grill ratings to see how the model stacks up. 

Best Memorial Day Grill Sales at Home Depot

The home-center giant has marked down 66 grills and accessories over the holiday weekend. Most of the savings are on grills, including gas, charcoal, kamado, and pellet models. And most of the savings top out at around 15 percent. Here, we've highlighted three of the best deals on models that perform well in CR's tests.

Royal Gourmet MG5001-R
The deal: $539.99 at Home Depot
Savings: $60
The Royal Gourmet MG5001-R is a brawny midsized gas grill with lots of features and admirable performance. This amounts to 10 percent off the regular price on a grill that rarely goes on sale. It earns a rating of Very Good for preheat performance, which means the grill gets hot enough to cook well in only 10 minutes. It has five burners, a large cooking surface, and a built-in rotisserie. 

3 Embers GAS7480BS
The deal:
$540 at Home Depot
Savings: $128.36
This midsized 3 Embers grill represents one of the best discounts we've seen at any retailer. It has integrated stainless steel storage drawers and a clear glass viewing window built into the lid. It’s also built solidly, earning a rating of Excellent in our sturdiness test. And it was no slouch at cooking, either: Our test engineers found that it cooked exceptionally evenly and preheated fast, too.

Even Embers GAS7540AS
The deal: $242.32 at Home Depot
Savings: $26.92
The midsized Even Embers is an understated performer worthy of consideration. The savings aren't huge this weekend, but it's a bargain at its everyday price to start. It earns a rating of Excellent in our preheat test, getting hot in a mere 10 minutes, so you can start cooking faster. It has an integrated thermometer and a side burner, and its five burners carry a 10-year warranty.

Best Memorial Day Grill Sales at Lowe’s

Lowe’s is offering discounts on dozens of grills and accessories. Branded grill covers, mostly from Char-Broil and Weber, are being sold for 10 percent off, and Cowboy wood chips and wood chunks are 15 percent off. The best deal may be on charcoal briquettes from Royal Oak, which, at $4 per 15.4-pound bag, are the single biggest markdown we've seen. Here, three grills to consider from the home center.

Char-Broil Commercial Tru-Infrared 463642316
The deal:
 $279 at Lowe's
Savings: $50
Here's another grill that's relatively inexpensive to start with, so while the $50 discount isn't huge, it brings an already-low price down. This Char-Broil heats evenly and allows you to cook a broad variety of foods with ease—it earns a rating of Very Good for its temperature range. Features include two burners, coated cast-iron grates, an electronic igniter, and a 10-year burner warranty.

Weber Spirit II E-310
The deal: $449 at Lowe's
Savings: $50
It's hard to find a steep discount on most Weber models, and the sale on this Spirit means you can snag a great deal on a grill that's a good value at full price. It delivers even heat across the cooking surface, with a rating of Very Good in that test. Plus, it offers an impressive temperature range. Like all Weber models, this one is a solid value and comes with a 10-year warranty on the burners. 

Char-Broil Commercial Tru-Infrared 463242515
The deal: $398 at Lowe's
Savings: $71
This midsized Char-Broil is a steal at under $400. It's a little slow to heat but is worth the wait. Specifically, it earns a rating of Fair in our preheat test, meaning it takes longer to get good and hot compared with other top models. (So it's less than ideal if you rely on a grill to cook dinner every night in summer but is not a deal breaker if you mostly plan to cook on weekends.) And once the grill is hot, it cooks magnificently, heating evenly and at a broad range of temperatures.

Best Memorial Day Grill Sales at Walmart

Walmart has marked down 27 gas grills for Memorial Day weekend, along with a handful of charcoal and kamado models. Like the big home centers above, Walmart is also slashing prices on some accessories, including covers, grill mats, and tools such as tongs and spatulas. Here are three of the best deals we've spotted on gas grills. 

Weber Spirit II E-210
The deal: $349 at Walmart
Savings: $50
It's rare to find a $50 discount on the Spirit E-210, in part because this small grill already one of the least expensive models that Weber sells. Snap it up at this price, because this model is a solid performer with a rating of Very Good for evenness in our tests.

Char-Broil SmartChef 463346017
The deal: $574 at Walmart
Savings: $125
You'd be hard-pressed to find a lower price—ever—on this spiffy, WiFi-connected small grill from Char-Broil. It can be pre-programmed to cook to a precise internal temperature, or even follow a specific recipe that's loaded into the compatible app. It's no slouch at cooking either, with a rating of Excellent for evenness.

RevoAce GBC1748WS
The deal: $159 at Walmart
Savings: $20
Even at its regular price, this grill bests models costing four times as much, so what's not to love about $20 in savings? It's small and has no frills, but it still earns solid marks, including a rating of Excellent in our preheat test.

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