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Weber beat 13 other brands for overall satisfaction among Consumer Reports subscribers

Secret shoppers buy gas grills for the experts at Consumer Reports to test, and the results are posted in our gas grill Ratings. But how do these grills do in backyards and patios across the country, cookout after cookout? For that, we went to you, the consumer.

We surveyed nearly 7,000 subscribers in Fall 2015 and asked how satisfied they were overall and specifically with the brand’s grilling performance, durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning, and appearance after using the grill for about a year of use. Readers gave Weber gas grills top marks for grilling performance, durability, ease of use, and appearance, and high marks for ease of cleaning. Weber came out ahead of the other 13 brands for overall consumer satisfaction.

To find out what readers said about their brand, click on any of the 14 brands in the “Grill Brands: What Readers Are Saying” part of our buying guide. Use this this information, along our gas grill Ratings and brand reliability information to help you choose the best gas grill for your budget. The brand reliability survey tells you what almost 16,000 subscribers say about the reliability of the brands they bought.

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