EV Face-Off: Chevrolet Bolt vs. Hyundai Kona Electric

These two long-range electric vehicles motivate shoppers in different ways

chevy bolt and Hyundai Kona cr

The Chevrolet Bolt and Hyundai Kona Electric are part of a small but growing selection of affordable electric vehicles (EVs) that can travel at least 250 miles on a single charge. Up until they arrived, you had to spend more than $70,000 for a Tesla if you wanted to go more than 140 miles on a fully charged battery.

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Still, there’s a lot more to these cars than how far they can travel on a full battery charge. Here, we take a deeper look at each one and see how they fare in CR’s testing and our exclusive survey results. Which one is more reliable? Which is roomier? Does one have more standard safety features? After digesting all of that, we’ll tell you which one is tops in our book.

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