Reliability Problems Plague Newer Electric Cars, Consumer Reports' Latest Survey Shows

EVs from automakers like Audi, Kia, and Porsche are no longer recommended by CR

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A key promise of electric car ownership is that a simpler design provides improved reliability, in addition to energy efficiency. Last month, a Consumer Reports study showed that electric vehicles (EVs) generally cost less to repair and maintain than their gasoline-powered counterparts. However, CR’s latest reliability survey reveals that some new electric cars have significant problems that will be covered under warranty.

These latest results mirror what we’ve known for a long time: All-new cars and new technology are prone to growing pains. CR data have consistently shown that first-year models tend to be less reliable than ones that have been on the market for a few years. EVs are no exception, although specific electric components, such as batteries and drivetrains, are often not the issue.

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