Reliability Problems Plague Newer Electric Cars, Consumer Reports' Latest Survey Shows

EVs from automakers like Audi, Kia, and Porsche are no longer recommended by CR

An illustrated blue electric car plugged in to its charging outlet

A key promise of electric car ownership is that a simpler design provides improved reliability, in addition to energy efficiency. Last month, a Consumer Reports study showed that electric vehicles (EVs) generally cost less to repair and maintain than their gasoline-powered counterparts. However, CR’s latest reliability survey reveals that some new electric cars have significant problems that will be covered under warranty. 

These latest results mirror what we’ve known for a long time: All-new cars and new technology are prone to growing pains. CR data have consistently shown that first-year models tend to be less reliable than ones that have been on the market for a few years. EVs are no exception, although specific electric components, such as batteries and drivetrains, are often not the issue. 

In our most recent reliability surveys, CR members reported about their experiences with 329,000 vehicles. Among the EVs that had more than their share of problems were the Audi E-Tron, the Kia Niro EV, and the Tesla Model Y

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