Used Hybrid Sedans and Hatchbacks With the Best Fuel Economy

They're reasonably priced, reliable, and deliver class-leading mileage

2016 Toyota Camry Hybrid on road

Buying a well-maintained used vehicle can be a smart move because it has gone through the most significant part of the depreciation cycle by the time it’s 5 years old. This means you’ll get many of the modern convenience and entertainment features found in a brand-new model but at a lower price.

It was also designed and built recently enough that its performance in our tests—such as those for acceleration, braking, and fuel economy—is on a par with brand-new cars.

To help steer you to the best choices, we’ve assembled a list of the four most fuel-efficient 5-year-old hybrid sedans and hatchbacks. All performed well enough in our tests to be recommended when new, and all have average or better reliability, according to Consumer Reports’ Annual Auto Surveys, in which we ask CR members to tell us about what went wrong on their own cars.

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All of the models here have our new Green Choice designation, which highlights the vehicles with the cleanest emissions. You can read more about Green Choice here.

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2016 Toyota Prius

Price Range: $17,200 - $17,200

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