Best Premium Appliance Suites of 2019

High-end kitchen appliance suites featuring top models from different brands

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If you're willing to splurge on premium kitchen appliances, you might expect to get a range, refrigerator, and dishwasher from the same brand that deliver stellar performance and share a refined look. But most matching appliance suites fall short somewhere.

At Consumer Reports, we test hundreds of major appliances, and every year we come to the same conclusion: It's almost impossible to find a kitchen suite from the same brand in which each appliance gets high marks.

You can prioritize performance and select the best range, refrigerator, and dishwasher from our ratings. Or give up a bit in the way of performance and choose a matching kitchen appliances suite from a single brand. But if compromising isn't your style, we can help you bundle similar-looking appliances from different brands, each of which aces our performance tests.

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First, focus on finish. The vast majority of kitchen appliances are stainless steel, but not all stainless is the same. "Different manufacturers use different gauges of stainless steel, as well as different suppliers," says Claudette Ennis, a CR market analyst who works on multiple appliance categories. "And the introduction of smudge-free or fingerprint-resistant stainless steel has only complicated matters, since those treatments can further affect the hue of the metal." Her advice? Make sure to look at the appliances you covet in person to see whether any variations in finish bother you.

Next, go for appliances that blend in, rather than stand out. That means counter-depth fridges, slide-in ranges, and dishwashers with hidden controls. Choosing appliances that have subtle design choices and that recede into the surrounding cabinetry will shift focus to the elements in your kitchen that do match perfectly, like hardware, cabinets, and countertops.

Last, skip the over-the-range microwave. Even the most premium models tend to feature necessarily busy control panels and unique handle styles that can clash with appliances from different brands. Instead, go for a simple range hood, which is a more appropriate choice for a high-end kitchen anyway, given that they do a better job of clearing cooking fumes and odors.

Use these tips, and our buying guides for ranges, dishwashers, and refrigerators, to plan out your dream suite. CR members can also read on for three premium kitchen appliance suites we've handpicked, each featuring top-scoring models that deliver the feel of a matching suite without the compromise in performance.

Best Pro-Style Suite

Best Suite With a Built-in Look

Choose from a gas or electric range, both highly rated

Best Suite With a Cooktop and Wall Oven

Choose from a gas or electric cooktop, both highly rated

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