New Deals on LG OLED TVs

But even after price cuts of 30 to 45 percent, OLEDs are more expensive than other TVs

If the only thing that's been standing between you and a new OLED TV has been the price, here's some good news: LG just aggressively cut prices on a major portion of its 2015 OLED TV lineup. The new deals mean you can now get a 55-inch 1080p model for $1,800—the same TV cost $14,000 when it launched two years ago.

Of course, you're still paying a lot more for an OLED set than for a comparably sized and featured LED LCD TV. But the 30 to 45 percent price cuts do make these state-of-the-art TVs more affordable. The 55-inch LG 55EG9600, a 4K UHD curved set, is among the best TVs we've ever tested. (LG recently announced that some 4K OLED sets will support high dynamic range content when it becomes available.)

Here are the reduced-price models:


  • 55-inch 55EF9500, $3,000
  • 65-inch 65EF9500, $5,000
  • 55-inch 55EG9600, $3,000 (curved)
  • 65-inch 65EG9600, $5,000 (curved)

1080p Curved OLEDs

  • 55-inch 55EG9100, $2,000 (new model available starting the week of October 18)
  • 55-inch 55EC9300, $1,800 (while supplies last)

We're excited about OLED TV technology, which we think will eventually replace plasma TVs as the top TV choice for those who really care about picture quality. Right now LG is going it alone, but we're hoping to hear at CES 2016 that additional companies will start offering OLED TVs later in the year.

We just purchased the 65-inch LG 65EF9500; we'll add it to our TV Ratings once testing is completed.

James K. Willcox

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