Mattress Firm, the country's largest mattress retailer, agreed to buy Sleepy's, the second largest, resulting in a coast-to-coast network of about 3,500 mattress stores. Between them the two had already bought up Sleep Train, Mattress Discounters, and 1800mattress. All five sellers now fall under one management.

Mattress Firm’s 2,000-store national presence was spotty in the northeast and mid-Atlantic states, while in recent years Sleepy’s 1,000-store network had spread from its New York base to Chicago and the Carolinas. The combined company will cover every state except Wyoming and Hawaii.

It’s too soon to know what benefits the merger may offer consumers. However, in past surveys of our online subscribers, Mattress Firm fared just slightly better than Sleepy's. In mattress store Ratings based on 6,105 shopping experiences between 2011 and mid-2013, Sleepy’s received some of the lowest scores in overall satisfaction, with so-so grades for quality, service, and selection. Mattress Firm fell closer to mid-pack, with better scores for service. Sleep Train did better still.

We are in the process of collecting new data for our mattress store Ratings and will post the results this coming spring. In the meantime, check out our Ratings of 48 mattresses including innerspring, memory foam and adjustable air. Our buying guide will help you narrow your choices.