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Best Printers for Under $150

A few low-cost standouts from CR's testing of more than 200 models

Shopping for a printer is always tricky. You don't want to spend a penny more than necessary and yet the bargain models that line showroom shelves often come with hidden costs.

When you factor in the price of replacement ink—up to $95 per ounce—you can end up paying more than three times the printer's original cost just to keep it running for two years, according to our testers. The $70 HP OfficeJet 4650, for example, could set you back $470 for typical use during that span.

That's what we call the cost of ownership.

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve done the homework to measure ink use and find the best printers for less than $150. All have a two-year cost of ownership of about $310 or less.

To test printers, we purchase new models from retailers and grade them on almost 360 data points. This year, our labs have reviewed more than 20 models from brands such as Epson, Canon, HP, and Brother.

There are more than 200 models in our current printer ratings. (If you’re not sure which type to consider, check out CR’s printer buying guide.) Read on for CR's ratings and reviews of the best printers for less than $150.

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Basic Laser Printer
Samsung Xpress M2835DW
Samsung Xpress M2835DW

    Samsung Xpress M2835DW

    This black-and-white Samsung laser printer, which hovers around $100, offers wireless printing and auto duplexing (for printing on both sides of a page). Better yet, it will cost you only about $150 in total over two years when you add in the cost of ink. For some families, however, this model may not be adequate—it lacks a scanner, can't print photos, and received only a Fair rating in graphics quality from our testers. If you're looking for a printer that does more, check out the models below.

    All-in-One Laser Printer
    Brother HL-L2395DW
    Brother HL-L2395DW

      Brother HL-L2395DW

      If you're looking for crisp, cheap mono printouts and the ability to scan, this $150 Brother laser printer might be the best option for you. (Check out our review of the best laser printers for your home office.) After two years of typical use, the cost of ownership will be closer to $310, according to our estimates. Like the previous model, the Brother HL-L2395DW can't print photos and is only average when it comes to graphics quality. If those features are important to you, consider the inkjet option below.

      All-in-One Inkjet Printer
      Canon Pixma MX532
      Canon Pixma MX532

        Canon Pixma MX532

        If you want a bargain-priced all-in-one inket that stays affordable, the Canon Pixma MX532, about $150, is one of the best, letting you print, copy, and scan to your heart's content. And after two years of typical use, it will have a total cost of roughly $310, typical for an inkjet. On the downside, you have to replace the entire color ink cartridge each time a single hue runs out.

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