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It’s easy to be dazzled by the beauty and brawn of a pro-style range—until you look at the price. Ranges from brands like Thermador, Viking, and Wolf can easily set you back $6,000 to $10,000 or more. But what if you could get the polished look of a pro-style range without blowing your budget for the next decade?

Below are some of the best-performing pro-style ranges from our labs. These are the unsung heroes, many of which cost far less than ranges from the more popular brands.

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We also highlight premium ranges from mainstream brands like LG and Samsung that blend the beauty of a pro-style range with great performance, often for about half the price of ranges from brands traditionally known for making pro-style models.

For information on the various types of ranges on the market, read our range buying guide, where you’ll also find details on how we test ranges in our labs. And CR members can dive into our comprehensive range ratings of nearly 200 models.

Pro-Style vs. Premium

A pro-style range typically features solid stainless steel construction, front-mounted controls with no back panel, and multiple high-powered burners on the cooktop. They’re also typically dual fuel, meaning they have gas burners and an electric oven.

Premium ranges offer many of the same things. They usually have beefy knobs on the front panel, high-powered burners, and electric ovens. Sometimes they even have two ovens and a storage or warming drawer, which you generally won’t find on a true pro-style range.

“When pro-style ranges hit the market, they didn’t have much competition from mainstream brands,” says Antonella Pomilla, CR’s market analyst for cooking appliances. “Now, not only have traditional range manufacturers refined the look of their product to compete with pro-style ranges, they’ve also started offering more and more features.”

The picks below highlight top models of both reasonably priced pro-style models as well as premium ranges from our tests.

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Best Value Pro-Style Ranges from CR's Tests

Best Premium Ranges from CR's Tests

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