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This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

Bitdefender Free Edition antivirus software


A free antivirus program for Windows 10. No renewal fee is required each year.


Informative help Informative help Informative help provides clear, useful instructions on a particular setting or activity in the software.
Clear warnings Clear warnings Clear warnings are easy to interpret and guide you to the correct action when triggered.


Manufacturer's website Manufacturer's website Most security software can be downloaded from the manufacturer's website. It's important to use the correct web address since malware is often hosted on fake, lookalike websites. Also beware of attempts to steer you to a more-expensive product than the one tested.
Concise help Concise help Provides permanent help that is clear and context sensitive throughout the program.
Startup repair Startup repair Startup repair provides a way to recover when malware stops your PC from booting, even if you haven't created a repair disc with the software.
Included firewall Included firewall Includes a firewall that blocks unauthorized access and prevents confidential information from being sent out from your computer without your permission.
Spam filter Spam filter Spam filter removes unwanted email from the inbox in your email program.
Parental filter Parental filter Parental filter is optional website filtering to protect children.
Banking Protection Banking Protection Includes the ability to ensure the websites you visit are authentic, as well as software with a strong password generator and blocks banking scams.
Tune-up function Tune-up function Includes tools like a space saver, speed enhancement, battery saver, and other maintenance tools.
Password manager Password manager Includes ability to securely store passwords or credit card information and recommend secure passwords.
Anti-spyware Anti-spyware Includes the ability for scanning for spyware both online and offline.
Anti-ransomware Anti-ransomware Includes the ability to scan for ransomware both online and offline.
Backup Backup Can back up your device’s data to the Internet.
E-mail protection E-mail protection Includes the ability to check emails for malicious content such as spam, viruses and phishing emails.