Tamko Heritage roofing

These Tamko laminated roofing shingles weigh about 205 lbs/square. For this model you have the option of 16 different color varieties.


Overall Strength: An evaluation of the overall resiliency of the the shingle.
Wind Uplift: An evaluation of the shingle adhesive's resistance to being torn off by upward wind forces.
Nailing: A measure of how much force the shingle can withstand before allowing a nail-head to tear through it.
Impact: How suscepible the shingle is to damage from falling objects.


Warranty: 10-yr. full Warranty: 10-yr. full Under warranty, 10-year full covers full replacement of defective materials.
Warranty: Materials (yrs.) Warranty: Materials Material warranty offers prorated coverage. Price is approximate retail per square (100 square feet).
Number of colors Number of colors The number of colors in which this model is available for purchase.