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The First Years True Choice Premium P400 baby monitor

We expect this model to perform similarly to the tested The First Years True Choice Premium P300 although it may differ in price and features.


The The First Years True Choice Premium P400 is part of the Baby monitor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Baby monitor models like the True Choice Premium P400 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Interference: Interference can vary widely depending on the area in which the home is located and what other electronic devices are within the home or are being used by nearby neighbors. When you buy a monitor, choose one that operates on a different frequency from your cordless phone and other wireless devices around your house.

Ease of use: Ease of Use rates the presence and convenience of features of each device. For video models it also includes the picture quality of the monitor.

Battery life: Battery Life reflects lab measurements of continuous use of the parent unit with new alkaline or fully charged rechargeable batteries, with the loudness of each unit set to the same level.


Frequency band Frequency band Frequency band is the wavelength at which the unit operates.
2.4 GHz
Sound lights Sound lights Lights on the monitor turn on when the baby cries; the louder he cries, the more lights light up. This lets you turn the volume down and still know when the baby is crying, or, if you are in a very noisy room, you'll see the lights and know when baby is awake or crying.
Out of range indicator Out of range indicator This is a light or beep that lets you know definitively that you've reached the range limit of the monitor, and won't be able to hear if your child cries.
Link indicator Link indicator This is a light or beep that is a definite indicator that the parent and baby unit are 'linked' or 'not linked' i.e. communicating.
Baby unit has battery option Baby unit has battery option To avoid risk of injury. Babies have been injured and strangled by baby monitor cords placed too close to the crib where the child was able to reach them. If using a baby unit with a cord, be sure to keep it well out of arm's reach of the baby.
Rechargeable batteries Rechargeable batteries Rechargeable batteries may save parents money over time, especially those who rely on batteries more than AC power for the receiver(s).
Talk to baby from parent unit Talk to baby from parent unit This feature allows the parent to push a button and talk to the baby, alerting him/her that mom or dad is on the way.
Low battery indicator Low battery indicator This is a light (or an icon on an LCD display) that lets you know the batteries in your parent unit are running low.
Music/lullabies Music/lullabies Some models feature lullabies and/or other soothing music that will play for your baby at the push of a button.
Temperature readout Temperature readout Displays the temperature in the baby's room.
Night light Night light Some models have a simple nightlight on the baby's unit.

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