Giro Scamp MIPS bike helmet


The Giro Scamp MIPS is part of the Bike Helmet test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Bike Helmet models like the Scamp MIPS are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Impact absorption: The ability of a helmet to absorb impact forces in a crash, which reduces the rate of deceleration experienced by the head. Based on laboratory impact testing.

Ventilation: The evaluation of how well air flowing through the helmet provides cooling during rides. Based on actual usage and expert judgement.

Fit adjustments: The evaluation of the features and versatility of the retention system when adjusting the fit of the helmet. Based on expert judgment.


Technology to reduce effects of rotational impact Technology to reduce effects of rotational impact Identifies the technology used to limit concussion injuries as a result of a rotational impact
Adjustable retention strap Adjustable retention strap Indicates whether the retention strap can be shortened, lengthened and re-positioned to help customize the helmet's fit. The retention strap is made up of the chin strap and under-ear loops that help secure the helmet to the head.
Locking side-slides Locking side-slides Indicates whether the tabs that secure the under-ear loops of the retention strap, can lock to secure the adjustment.
Magnetic buckle Magnetic buckle Indicates whether the chin strap buckle is magnetic.
Visor type Visor type Indicates whether or not there is a visor and if it is permanently attached or removable.
Smart Smart Indicates whether or not the model has smart properties and can communicate with a smart-phone app.
Folding Folding Indicates whether or not the product can fold to a smaller size for easier transport.


Style Style Identifies the look of the helmet. Bike - a traditional road bike or mountain bike look with plenty of ventilation. Multi-use - a skateboard look with full coverage and minimal ventilation. Commuter - a full coverage urban look for every day commuting.
Sizes available Sizes available A listing of the available sizes for the model.
Dimensions Dimensions The head circumferences available, which correspond to the helmet sizes.
45-49, 49-53
Weight (grams) Weight An average weight of multiple samples. Size medium is weighed for helmets with multiple sizes. If medium is not manufactured, a large and small sized helmet is used to determine the weight.