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Cosco Ambassador car seat


One of multiple boosters offered under the Cosco name. Cosco is a brand offered by the Dorel Juvenile Group.

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The Cosco Ambassador is part of the Car seat test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Booster seat models like the Ambassador are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Crash protection/beltfit backless: A rating that combines the potential for backless boosters to limit injury and movement in a crash based on simulated frontal crash tests and the potential for the seat to provide a good belt fit in various vehicles using child sized dummies.

Ease of use: Our judgment of how easy each seat is to use including items such as the clarity of labels and instructions, the ease of achieving an appropriate belt fit and the transition between highback and backless modes where applicable.


Weight range (highback) Weight range (highback) Range of weight (lbs.) allowed for child when using the seat in highback booster mode.
Weight range (backless) Weight range (backless) Range of weight (lbs.) allowed for child when using the seat in backless booster mode.
Height range (highback) Height range (highback) Range of height (inches) allowed for a child when using the seat in highback booster mode.
Height range (backless) Height range (backless) Range of height (inches) allowed for a child when using the seat in backless booster mode.
Seat weight backless (lbs.) Seat weight backless Weight of seat in lbs.
Seat weight highback (lbs.) Seat weight highback Weight of seat in lbs.
Base width (in.) Base width Width of seat base (inches) as measured from underside of seat.
Overall width (in.) Overall width Total width of seat (inches) at its widest point.
Shell height (in.) Shell height Height of shell/seatback as measured from seat cushion to top of seatback (against child seating surface) in highback mode.
Overall height (in.) Overall height Total height of seat from base to top in highback mode.
Adjustable head restraint/slots Adjustable head restraint/slots Indicates whether the seat has multiple positions for the height of the head restraint and shoulder belt guide.
Width adjustment Width adjustment Indication of whether a seat has an adjustment for the width of the seat back in highback mode.
LATCH connections LATCH connections Indicates whether seat offers the ability to attach using the LATCH connectors.
Lowback shoulder belt guide/clip Lowback shoulder belt guide/clip Indicates whether the seat includes a belt guide or clip for lowback use.
Cup/snack holder Cup/snack holder Indicates whether a cup or snack holder is included with the seat.
Spanish language instructions Spanish language instructions Indicates the availability of spanish language instructions. None, Included or available.

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