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Canadian Cheese pizza Ratings

The Ratings on this page are based on our latest report, but they list only the products that are sold in Canada. To find out more about these models, see our latest complete Ratings, which have been updated to note discontinued models and current prices. (For some products, the Canadian model differs slightly from the one sold in the U.S.)

In most cases, the prices we list here are the approximate retail, in Canadian dollars. When an approximate retail price is not available, we report the Manufacturers' list price, and when that information isn't available we don't report a price. Products listed as a CR Best Buy offer the best combination of performance and price.

We also offer a list of agencies and organizations that Canadians can turn to for help with a variety of consumer problems.
Model Name Price Range              
Price: $2.88
Price: $4.66
Price: $3.01
Price: $3.19
Price: $3.17
Price: $3.29
Price: $3.99
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