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Baby Jogger City Select with Double Seat stroller

A solid performer, sturdy but heavy when pushing, and not the easiest to maneuver.  Some very good features. 


The Baby Jogger City Select with Double Seat is part of the Stroller test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Stroller models like the City Select with Double Seat are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Ease of use: Ease of use is based on ease of setting up and using the stroller and all of its features: folding and unfolding, adjusting the safety harness, opening and closing the buckle, engaging and disengaging brakes, lifting and carrying the folded stroller as if placing it into a car trunk, and, for compatible strollers, installing and removing an infant car seat.

Maneuverability: Maneuverability is the ease of pushing and maneuvering the stroller with a 40-lb. child on a variety of surfaces including pavement, dirt and grass, through a series of cones, up and down a curb, on straight paths, up- and downhill and around corners.

Safety: Safety for each stroller was assessed by our testing, based on the specifications of ASTM F833-13b--a (currently voluntary) industry standard--and stability and usage tests designed by Consumers Union. A mandatory federal safety standard for strollers will take effect in 2014 or early 2015.

Battery Information

5-pt harness 5-pt harness A five-point harness secures the child's upper body and torso for better safety, in our opinion. "Five-point" refers to the 2 shoulder straps, a waist strap secured to the seat back on either side of the child's midsection, and a crotch strap. A three-point harness lacks shoulder straps and secures just the waist and lower torso.
Suitable for 6 mos. and under Suitable for 6 mos. and under Suitability for babies 6 months and younger means the stroller could include a safety flap at the child's feet so he or she doesn't slip out of a large leg hole, or some other means of containing a child of this age. Even with this added feature, the harness should still be used.
Car-seat compatible as sold Car-seat compatible as sold A stroller that is car-seat compatible as sold is one that comes with any accessories or items, such as a bracket or adaptor, that are needed to properly attach the car-seat to the stroller. Of course, it can also mean that no adaptor is needed, and the car-seat can be attached directly to the stroller. If you must purchase an adaptor or accessory separately, we do not consider that stroller to be "car-seat compatible as sold."
One-touch brakes One-touch brakes One-touch brakes work quickly for added safety. They're also more convenient than standard brakes. A few models now have hand-operated parking brakes, arguably even more convenient.
Adjustable handle Adjustable handle The stroller's handle can be adjusted for height or angle to better suit parents of differing heights.
Stands folded Stands folded The folded stroller stays upright on its own. This is convenient in restaurants or other tight spaces. It also makes storing at home easier.