Mio Alpha heart-rate monitor


The Mio Alpha is part of the Heart-rate monitor test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Heart-rate monitor models like the Alpha are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Accuracy: Accuracy was measured against a highly accurate electrocardiograph; the higher the accuracy score, the more often the monitor displayed the same heart rate as the reference did.

Ease of use and features: Ease of use includes features, clarity of instructions, and convenience as judged by panelists who used the devices.

Sport versatility: Sports versatility indicates whether a model is difficult or easy to use for all or most sports.


Stopwatch Stopwatch Model has a stopwatch function.
Backlight Backlight Display is backlit so it can be seen in the dark.
Difficult to use for some exercises Difficult to use for some exercises Indicates whether a model is difficult to use while engaged in some exercises.
Settable target zones Settable target zones Upper and lower values can be set by user.
Calorie counter Calorie counter Displays the number of calories burned.
Pedometer Pedometer Model has pedometer function.