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This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

Baby Trend Deluxe Feeding Center high chair

This model has been designated a Don't Buy: Safety Risk, due to potential choking hazard posed by a non-paper label.


The Baby Trend Deluxe Feeding Center is part of the High chair test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, High chair models like the Deluxe Feeding Center are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.


Weight (lbs.) Weight Weight is the weight of the chair (with tray in place) in pounds.
Footprint Footprint Footprint is the amount of floor space a high chair will take up. Small is 600 square inches or less. Medium is 601 to 719 square inches. Large is 720 square inches and up.
One-hand tray removal One-hand tray removal Being able to remove the high chair tray easily, with one hand, is a great feature. It allows you to keep the other hand free to tend to your baby.
Reclinable seat/positions Reclinable seat/positions Reclinable seat/positions indicates whether or not the chair has a reclinable seatback, and if so, how many positions are available.
Y / 3
Adjustable seat height/positions Adjustable seat height/positions Adjustable seat height/positions indicates whether or not the chair's seat height is adjustable, and, if so, the number of positions available.
Harness type Harness type Harness type is 5-point, incorporating shoulder as well as waist and crotch straps - which we strongly recommend - or 3-point.
Converts to booster seat Converts to booster seat With some models, you can just detach the high chair seat from the frame, and voila! a booster seat. Just strap the booster securely to a dining chair, to let your little one sit with the family at the table. (Other high chairs may require some disassembly or futzing, but it's usually a fairly easy process.)
Projected footprint (sq. in.) Projected footprint Projected footprint is the amount of floor space, in square inches, that the chair requires while in use.
How to clean seat pad How to clean seat pad The manufacturer's instructions for cleaning the high chair's seat pad. (Most frames are cleaned simply by wiping with a mild cleaning solution and sponge or cloth.) Some seat pads are machine washable, others are hand wash, and some just wipe-clean with the aforementioned mild cleaning solution and cloth.
Converts to toddler/youth chair Converts to toddler/youth chair Some high chairs can be converted to toddler or "youth" chairs. The weight limit for each chair indicates how large a child - or, for some models, a young adult - can be accommodated.