Generac iQ2000 generator

This GENERAC Recreational generator is Gasoline-powered and is rated for 1600 watts running/2000 watts surge load. It also has a digital display on board that also monitors fuel, load and run time remaining. Manual start only and is parallel capable.


The Generac iQ2000 is part of the Generator test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Generator models like the iQ2000 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Power delivery: How much wattage models delivered and how well they handled surges in power demand over various loads.

Power quality: A generator's ability to deliver power smoothly, with consistent voltage.

Noise: Measured at 23 and 50 feet from the generator. We recommend hearing protection for standing close by the unit while it's running.


Claimed output (watts) Claimed output Maximum wattage for continuous operation, as per the manufacturer.
Fuel type Fuel type Gasoline, diesel fuel, propane, or (stationary models only) natural gas.
Weight (lbs.) Weight The generator’s weight, to the nearest pound, when fully fueled. (Propane tanks are separate, and natural-gas models are fueled externally.) Weight for stationary models, which stay where installed, is "NA," for not applicable.
Fuel shutoff Fuel shutoff Lets you draw gas from the fuel system to keep it from leaking, or from fouling parts if it degrades during storage.
Low-oil shutoff Low-oil shutoff Turns off the engine if the oil level is low, preventing damage.
Electric start Electric start Lets you start the engine with a switch or pushbutton rather than a pull cord.
Fuel gauge Fuel gauge Indicates how much fuel is in a portable generator's tank.
Hour meter Hour meter An indicator of how long you have run the generator since your last oil change, helpful for scheduling maintenance.
Low-oil shutoff has indicator light Low-oil shutoff has indicator light When the generator has shut off due to low oil, indicates why.
Electric-start battery included Electric-start battery included Only some generators with this feature include the necessary battery, which must otherwise be purchased separately (usually about $50).
Wheels Wheels Whether wheels (portable generators only) come standard with the unit or must be purchased separately.
Fuel capacity Fuel capacity For portable units, how many gallons of gasoline or diesel fuel the tank can hold. Tanks for propane-powered portables are the 20-lb. size. Stationary models are fueled externally from a fixed propane or natural-gas tank.
No. of power outlets No. of power outlets How many appliances you can plug directly into the generator (portable units only). We strongly recommend you use a transfer switch for long-term needs.