This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

Phiaton BT 220 NC headphone

Portable wireless Bluetooth noise-canceling earphones, which have an isolating ear-insert design, that come with five pairs of earpieces in of various types in various sizes, a detachable audio cable, a USB charging cable, a neck strap, and a carrying pouch.


The Phiaton BT220 NC is a portable Bluetooth noise-canceling earphone that has an isolating, ear-insert design. These earphones, which can be used with both standard audio devices as well as Bluetooth-enabled audio gear, can be used with the noise-canceling feature turned on or off. Like other Bluetooth models, they have a claimed wireless reception range of around 33 feet. The earphones have an inline clip-style remote control with microphone and integrated volume, music player function, and call connect/disconnect controls for Bluetooth use, plus NFC technology for touch pairing with a compatible Bluetooth device. The BT220 NC comes with five pairs of earpieces of various types in various sizes, a detachable 40-inch audio cable for use with standard audio devices, a USB charging cable, a neck strap, and a carrying pouch. It is covered by a 12-month warranty.


Plug type Plug type The type of connection at the end of the audio cord, which will be plugged into the source component. Most have 1/8-inch standard (3-contact) "mini" jacks that fit portable devices. Models intended for use with newer iPod, iPhone, and some Blackberry smartphones, that have integrated microphones, audio player controls, and call connect/disconnect controls use a 1/8-inch 4-conductor mini jack. The audio function of models with 4-conductor mini jacks may not work properly or consistently with non-iPod/iPhone devices.
Mini (1/8")


Works with noise reduction off Works with noise reduction off Will operate without the noise-canceling circuitry activated; allows the model to be used as standard headphones if the batteries die.
Integrated microphone Integrated microphone Has an integrated microphone for use with some cell phones or audio players with a recorder function.
Call connect/disconnect control Call connect/disconnect control This allows you to answer or disconnect from a phone call with some cell phones.
Integrated volume control Integrated volume control This allows you to adjust the volume without having to dig into your pocket or purse for a player.
Integrated player control Integrated player control This allows you to control some player functions (for example: play, pause, track skip) via a control without having to dig into a pocket or purse for a player.
Detachable cable Detachable cable A detachable cable allows the headphones to be used for noise canceling without the cord being connected to a music or video player, or dangling from the headset.
Monitor function (mute) Monitor function Has a control that turns off the audio, and in the case of noise canceling models turns off the noise canceling function, so that ambient sounds can be heard. Useful for hearing ambience like travel announcements without turning off the audio player or removing the headphones.
Noise canceling unit in earpiece Noise canceling unit in earpiece The electronic circuitry for the noise cancelation function is integrated into headphones earpiece rather than incorporated as a separate module that is integrated into the audio cord.
Battery life (hrs.) Battery life As claimed by the manufacturer.
17 (BT only)/ 10 (NC and BT on)/ Not Stated (NC only)
Battery recharge time (hrs.) Battery recharge time As claimed by the manufacturer.
Low battery indicator Low battery indicator An indicator to show that the headphone battery power is low and will need to be replaced or recharged.
Warranty (mos.): parts/labor Warranty (mos.): parts/labor Warranty is for parts and labor, in months.
Additional features Additional features Additional features for this model.
2.4 GHz transmission frequency, Bluetooth wireless, around 33 ft. operating range. Headset auto power off function. Has cord connection option for use with standard audio devices. When cord connected can provide audio even when not turned on. NFC pairing. Allows simultaneous connection of two Bluetooth devices (ex: watch a movie on a tablet and answer phone calls from smartphone), defeatable power on/off, Bluetooth pairing, and battery status voice announcements. Supports voice activated dialing when used with Bluetooth capable cell phones that have that feature. Bluetooth connected Apple mobile devices using iOS Version 5 and above will show the earphone's battery level.
Included accessories Included accessories Indicates what accessories are included.
Five pairs of ear pieces in of various types in various sizes, detachable 40-inch audio cable, USB charging cable, neck strap, carrying pouch.


Weight (oz.) Weight Reflects the weight, in ounces, of the headphones including the audio cable and batteries, if any.
Cable length (in.) Cable length Cable length indicates the approximate length of the cable from the headset or earpiece to the plug, measured in inches.
Battery type Battery type The number and type of batteries used.
Rechargeable Lithium-Polymer