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This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

Haier HPN12XCM air conditioner

This Haier large portable air conditioner has

  • Remote control
  • Up/down louver control


The Haier HPN12XCM is part of the Air Conditioner test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Air Conditioner models like the HPN12XCM are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Comfort: How quickly the air conditioner on its low fan setting cooled a room sized for the particular unit and how accurate it came to meeting the temperature set point.

Brownout: Gauges the unit's ability to run and restart during extreme heat and low voltage.

Indoor noise high: This judgment of indoor noise at the high-cool setting is the objective measurement of noise level using a sound meter.


Remote control Remote control A remote control for multimedia.
Electronic control with built-in timer Electronic control with built-in timer A growing number of air conditioners now have electronic controls. Much like the digital thermostats for heating systems, these can (fairly reliably) hold the room at a certain temperature, shown on a digital display. Many also include a timer feature that allows the user to set an "on" or "off" time--great for, say, having the air conditioner activate automatically to cool a room before you return home from work.
Auto fan speed Auto fan speed This feature automatically varies fan speed according to differences between room temperature and the thermostat setting. When the difference is wide, the fan runs at higher speed; when the gap is more modest, the fan runs more slowly. The speed will change automatically as needed, to respond to changes in selected setting or room temperature.
Dirty filter indicator Dirty filter indicator This indicator light or flag signals when the filter needs cleaning. It's usually triggered after a certain number of hours of operation have elapsed on the internal clocks in electrical control models. Flag-type indicators can activate in the event that dirt and debris blocks the filter.


Btu/hr. Btu/hr. The unit's cooling capacity, as supplied by the manufacturer (and as certified by the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, AHAM, unless otherwise noted in the Recommendations & Notes). Capacities range from 5,000 British thermal units per hour (enough for a modest-sized bedroom) up to 12,500 Btu/hr. (adequate for a large, sun-drenched room or even two interconnected rooms).
Weight (lbs.)