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Stok Gridiron STG1150HD grill

This Stok portable gas grill has the following:

  • 365 sq. in. of cooking area.
  • 1 main burner(s)
  • Electronic ignitor
  • Coated-cast-iron grates


The Stok Gridiron STG1150HD is part of the Grill test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Grill models like the Gridiron STG1150HD are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Evenness performance: Evenness of heating over the grill's surface at the highest and lowest setting using all main burners plus the evenness after a 10 minute preheat, using thermocouples.

Convenience: Factors include grate material and useful features such as electronic ignitor.

Preheat performance: Evaluates the temperature after a 10 minute preheat using thermocouples. It also gives an indication how quickly the grill reaches its maximum temperature.

Results in the following chart are gathered from Consumer Reports’ 2018 Fall Survey of 2,029 portable grills owned by members who purchased a new unit between 2008 and 2018.

Our predicted brand reliability ratings are based on a statistical model that estimates problem rates within the first five years of ownership, for portable grills that are not covered by an extended warranty or service contract. We also adjust for the number of hours of use during the summer of 2018. The median number of hours of use during this summer was 15. Higher ratings are indicative of better reliability. Brands receiving a red or orange rating cannot be recommended by CR at this time.

Our owner satisfaction ratings are based on the proportion of members who are extremely likely to recommend their portable grill brand to friends and family.

Predicted Reliability


Source: Consumer Reports' 2018 Fall Survey

Owner Satisfaction


Source: Consumer Reports' 2018 Fall Survey


Side shelf material Side shelf material Shelves are usually made of stainless steel or painted steel (some using a powder-coating process), though a few are made of plastic. Plastic and stainless steel may prove more durable than paint coatings.
painted steel
Additional features Additional features Additional features can be a lights, utensil hooks, etc.
Spring assist frame for easier opening, pizza stone
Warranty (yrs.) Warranty How many years the burner warranty is for the portable grill. While burners remain the grill's most-replaced part, most are warranted for only 3 to 5 years. Better burners are covered for more.


Coated-cast-iron grates Coated-cast-iron grates The grill's primary cooking grates may be made of porcelain coated cast-iron, which generally sears meats better and keeps grilling temperatures more consistent than grates made of porcelain coated steel. The porcelain coating usually makes such grates easier to clean than other surfaces, and the grates should resist rust as long as their porcelain coating isn't chipped.
Stainless-steel grates Stainless-steel grates Primary cooking grates made of stainless-steel are generally sturdier than those made of coated steel and resist rust even without a porcelain coating.
Coated-steel grates Coated-steel grates Primary cooking grates made of porcelain-coated steel will resist rust as long as their porcelain coating isn't chipped. Porcelain-coated grates are also usually easier to clean than other surfaces. But coated-steel grates typically do not sear meats as well or keep temperatures as consistent as sturdier grates made of cast iron or stainless steel.
Bare-cast-iron grates Bare-cast-iron grates The grill's primary cooking grates may be made of bare cast iron, which generally sears meats well and keeps grilling temperatures consistent. Bare cast iron, however, must be kept oiled to prevent rusting. Such grates are also usually more difficult to clean than other surfaces.
Measured cooking grid area (sq. in.) Measured cooking grid area The main cooking area of the grill rounded to the nearest 5 sq. in.
Exterior dimensions (HxWxD) Exterior dimensions The exterior measurement of the grill with shelves (if any).
37 x 40 x 22
Number of main burner controls Number of main burner controls Most portable grills have 1 burner , but some have two burners with corresponding controls. An additional burner control generally allows the cook more flexibility.
Shelf space Shelf space Shelf space (if available) rounded to the nearest 5 sq. in.
Igniter type Igniter type Most grills have a mechanical igniter of either the push-button or rotary design. More convenient is a battery-operated electronic igniter, which usually ignites the gas on the first try. Some grills also have lighting holes, on the side of or beneath the grill, that can be used with a match should the igniter fail.
Propane tank size needed Propane tank size needed Secondary cooking grid area
Wheels Wheels The portable gas grills may have wheels for easier transport.