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This model is no longer available or might have limited distribution.

Echo CST-58V2AHCV string trimmer

This Echo 58-volt, cordless-electric string trimmer has a straight shaft and weighs 13.3 lbs. It uses dual .095-inch cutting lines.


The Echo CST-58V2AHCV is part of the String trimmer test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, String trimmer models like the CST-58V2AHCV are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Trimming: Indicates how quickly and neatly models cut grass.

Edging: How quickly and neatly models trimmed a vertical line along a walkway.

Tall grass and weeds: Indicates cutting power in tall grass and weeds.


Weight (lbs.) Weight Weight is rounded to the nearest tenth of a pound and doesn't include fuel, which can add 1/2 pound.
Engine size Engine size Engine cubic centimeters (cc), motor amperes (amp), and motor electrical voltage (volt) are from the manufacturer.
Shaft Shaft The shaft transfers power from the engine or motor to the lines that do the cutting. Models with straight shafts offer longer reach, while those with curved shafts tend to be lighter and easier to handle.
Four-cycle engine Four-cycle engine Uses straight gasoline and doesn't require an oil/gasoline mixture, as do the two-cycle engines found in most trimmers.
Dual line Dual line Trimmers with two lines cut more quickly and can handle heavier growth than those with just one line, since they do twice the work with each pass.
Line diameter Line diameter The thickness of the cutting line, measured in hundredths of an inch--for example, .085.
Clutch Clutch A centrifugal clutch disengages the rotation of the cutting head when you're starting or idling the engine. This makes it easier to start and, while you're doing so, keeps the string from the ground, where it will kick up grass and dirt.
Rotating head Rotating head Lets you swivel the cutting head 90 degrees for easier edging, which is done vertically.