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All-Clad 4-slice TJ824D51 toaster

We expect this model to perform similarly to the tested All-Clad 2-slice TJ822D51 although it may differ in price and features.


The All-Clad 4-slice TJ824D51 is part of the Toaster & Toaster Oven test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Toaster & Toaster Oven models like the 4-slice TJ824D51 are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Color range: How well the toasters or toaster ovens produced both very light toast and very dark toast.

Full batch: Reflects color evenness among all slices in a batch.

One slice: We toasted just one slice of large white bread in each model, aiming for medium brown toast.


Controls Controls Indicates the type of controls the toaster has.
dial, pushbutton and digital time display
Exterior material Exterior material Some toasters housing are all plastic, some are all metal or a combination of the two. Typical metal surfaces are chrome and stainless steel.
Stainless steel
One slot One slot A long slot that holds two pieces of bread side-by-side.
Bagel setting Bagel setting Provides the option to toast on just one side, such as the cut side of a bagel.
Additional features Additional features A list of features the toaster may have such as cord storage, keep warm function, automatic lift etc.
defrost, A Bit More Time' and reheat settings, cancel button, high lift toasting lever
Warranty Warranty The length of time the toaster is covered by its manufacturer for defects or repairs.
2 yr
Exterior dimensions (HxWxD) Exterior dimensions Exterior dimensions are given in whole inches where H is the height, W is the width and D is the depth.
8 x 8 x 12
Slot Dimension (DxLxW) Slot Dimension Slot dimensions are given in fractions of an inch, where D is the slot depth, L is the length and W is the width.
5 x 5 x 1.5