American Standard Esteem VorMax 717AA101S.020 (Lowes) toilet

This American Standard single flush toilets has

  • An elongated bowl.
  • A height greater than 16" from floor to rim (ADA compliant).
  • Seat included.


The American Standard Esteem VorMax 717AA101S.020 (Lowes) is part of the Toilet test program at Consumer Reports. In our lab tests, Toilet models like the Esteem VorMax 717AA101S.020 (Lowes) are rated on multiple criteria, such as those listed below.

Solid waste removal: The ability to move simulated waste through the bowl and trap.

Noise: Flush quietness without the seat.

Bowl cleaning: How well flushing cleaned the bowl's front and sides.


Resists soil and odor Resists soil and odor Indicates a large water surface, which helps prevent soiling and odors.
Resists drainline clogs Resists drainline clogs Indicates this model sent simulated solid waste farther, potentially reducing drain-line clogs.
Comfort height Comfort height Comfort height models have a seat height between 17 and 19 inches to the top. These also meet Federal ADA requirements.